The Casualty's Song

Don't shoot the messenger

Unless she's a woman

Don't shoot the mesenger 

Unless her skin has become an invitation

They scream at her

She knows they're just words

That couldn't be possibly understood

Unless you've stood where she's standing

While each stone is carefully hurled at your head

I have just one question

Have we evovled since the time before

The ever so holy

Jesus Christ?

Of course we have

Except we've loaded our weapons

With something far more lethal than stones

We are armed with 

Every name in the book

And every shred of blame left to claim 

Each shred is placed heavily on her back

It's the least she could do

for the man who held the door open for her


Really he's a nice man

He didn't mean to touch her 

He didn't mean to push her down

He didn't mean to keep touching her

He didn't mean to do it


Why didn't she just tell him to stop?

Tell him to stop

God damn it

She is the only casualty of this war

That is celebrated 

After she's been gunned down


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