my mom always warned me about the drugs on the street

but you never told me about the ones with hazel eyes and a heart beat

he had me addicted to him like crack

but he was no where near as sweet as the words he spoke

but yet i clang to each word like it was my last breath

summer may have been in the air but hevan was in his eyes  

he picked my heart out grinned it up and smoked it an  never looked back

as i laid there in pain pain and more pain now i must go through the withdraws

as in any drug as in anything the inching the screaming

waking up drenched in sweat thinking about what you did to me

but i rather be on set on fire drenched in kerosine  then think of you

but as any addiction i will never fully get rid of you

i still Cary your love in my collarbones

the curves on my body

the bumps in between my spine

your taste on my lips

i will never forget you as much as i wish i could your stuck to me forever.



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