This Too Shall Pass Away


In a universe

That exists today

Inevitably will obliterate

For this too shall pass away


A kingdom stretching across the sphere

Authority’s on different feet

Mighty barricades and small painted lines

Designate positions and divided seats


In a universe where ink sentences

Or stone etched rules try to have a say

‘Or Paradise and Poverty

But this too shall pass away


To all corners of the ocean

Travel sound and harmony

Along the skies and amid the stars

Spring up dreams and memory


In a universe thriving with knowledge

Opportunities don’t delay

Choice will always favor the decisions

But this too shall pass away


Scattered amongst the regions

A divide between vigorous and ill

Yielding medicine and poison

Except both ultimately kill


In a universe of healing and pain

Structure and decay

The lonely and the tired

Shall too pass away


Wonder and joy

Greatly widen the sight

In a world where fear and doubt

Too often hide the light


In a universe growing families

Wherever a heart beat lay

Good company or companionship

But this too shall pass away


And all throughout the lands

For Freedom the battles cry

But this cannot truly reign here

So neither will race and religion survive


In a universe detailed with life

Unacquainted with the part they play

For time is all that really lasts

And this too, shall pass away


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