The War Of Life

We all get screwed up in the end. 

Life screws us up.

We all face our own battles.

Wage our own wars. 

Concur our own enemies. 

And fall down at our own turns.

Before our eyes we watch the best of minds,

fall apart. 

Before our eyes, 

we watch the slow decay of each generation, 

hoping the best for the next.

We all have our own scars. 

And once we go through life, 

we never come out the same. 

We all suffer our own form or version, 

of post traumatic stress. 

And all fall apart, 

while slowly becoming insane. 


I've watched as the best minds,

slowly get drunk off the idea, 

that their wisdom will concur, 

and their love prevail. 

Neither one can save the other though, 

and in the end they choose neither. 

Getting lost in the thought, 

of looking back in the past, 

and trying to remember- 

Where did it all go wrong? 


Is it a fool's dream to keep a dream? 

And it is a wish to keep wishing on a star? 

Do you think we are capable, 

of creating an insanity, 

that will lead us 

to our hearts? 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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