Stamped Denied

Stamped Denied.
By: Fabiola Rios 

Come boys sign your name, train them, send them out to fight.
Praise them once a year, let 22 die with a red stamped denied.
Fight the battles within, “NO!!! YOU DON’T QUALIFY.”
How many times does he have to break down?
The battle is fought in silence, kept within.
The untold story, so you won’t judge him.
How long before he breaks? Ghosts take control.
Just ask for help, then say “you don’t qualify.”
Live a night in his mind, see if you can survive.
I don’t judge him, I just hope I can keep him alive.
I shield his hidden scars, the same ones you deny.
Tell him he's important, trying to override, the dark rider in his mind
His mind heading back to hell, you wait for a bullet.
It’s not serious yet? Honor and Respect.
Yet, the valley of death is always on his mind, and you say it’s not enough.
You are so blind see only with your eyes, deny a broken mind.
Biggest fight is to the stamp powerful claim “DENIED”.
Leave many no choice but, to permanently darken, the forever flashing lights,
To silence the money mind, you simply stamped “Denied”.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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