My Dream

I’m an ambitious man.

A tool of destiny, a puppet of fate,

transcending all of humanity.

Cunning and charismatic, I seek

for the Holy Grail– a realm

full of nobles and kings.


Battle cries, suits of metal,

hunks of iron mounted high, and cavalrymen.

They all fight with a purpose, but not with a goal.

Until the white flag goes up,

and a thousand corpses cry.


Likewise, an army of hands would ascend,

And I simply climbed.

Nothing but mere stepping-stones

on a path to greatness.


Inspiring men for my dream,

dedicated men died under my command.

I feigned ignorance and proceeded forward,

without a glance back.


Then, a man stood in front of my dream,

a key to unlocking the door.

Something more valuable than the rest,

and I will decide where he will fight and die.


But he was more that just a tool.

He was someone I saw on equal footing,

he was a friend… a sworn brother.

However, he was the stone in the road that made me stumble,

a stone that made me forget my dream.



You, and only you…

made me forget my dream…


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Our world
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