God Bless America



Fear has no definite definition, or provisions but is without a doubt the basis of this country’s decisions.

 A white man's visions are the epitome of debauchery and turmoil, for dwindling natural oil and I don’t know about you but I can feel my anger boil.

Slaves of religion and ego, closed minded but blindsided by the truth, growing from the age this country was indited.

Marching soldiers, shot accuracy, possessive nature unveiled in holy matrimony, executive leaders there, solely for purposes of ceremony.

What if I say, “It’s a lost cause.” I’d be met with no applause.

 But Instead malice, souls calloused advancing to and fro burning those “Muslims’” houses.

A round of bullets into crowd of children in the name of the United States, overseas shipping crates, sharing a sermon, while father John…masturbates.

He swears his life on a stack of holy books that he’s innocent, which is odd because in a sense he stole those boys’ innocence.

So bow your head and pray for those who perished in the fires of the September attack, because you feel for them. When in fact you’re just detached from the fact that when people are starving you’re perfectly intact.

3,000 deaths compared to 4 million who couldn’t bathe, no paths paved and weren’t lead roles in ‘Twelve Years a Slave’.

Then you justify your hate in the name of freedom. Claiming the basis of this country is equality, I agree it ought to be, but I fight for my rights despite your dislike of sodomy.

Taught to be scared of the colored entrepreneurs, the men stuck in poverty that aren’t scoundrels and don’t live in the sewers.

A fear we can’t find a way to circumvent refusing to relent and give employment to an ex-convict.

So pray some more to the ceiling our pride not in our nature but in the tallest of tall buildings.

I feel displaced in this place, because I think it’s a disgrace that long hair and large breast represent femininity. And it might lead to my demise things I despise with no remedy…if this is the home of the free then where is my liberty?


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