The Bloodshed of Oppression


  Generations past and although you have

  The blood of your ancestors coursing through your veins,

  You find it hard to relate.

  You are proud to be an American but,

  What is there to be proud of?

  Yes, It is true that we are more evolved than other countries but,

  America the “Beautiful” was built on the genocide of one race

  And the enslavement of another.

  There are people in the projects that are still trying to shake off 400 years of oppression.

  And her grandfather who is half Cherokee, half warrior, still fights for his beliefs.

  He wishes there was more land to live off of but,

  All he can do is settle for 500 dollars a month.

  As if that is going to rewrite history.

  And Soldiers are fighting for futile matters.

  What do they get in return?

  A couple of benefits for the blood of their enemies,

  Never thinking that they have families too.

  “Justifiable” homicide masquerading under the veil of courage and valor.

  What ever happened to talking things out and violence never fixes anything.

  I guess that was just another lie told to the future leaders of America to keep them in line.

  God forbid they act out and start changing things.

  But gold star for trying to keep this country safe and sound.

  Because whether you like to use loaded guns or sharp tongues,

  There will never be a real winner.

  The wolf never loses his hunger.

He’ll find a way to get what he wants.

Even the strongest of herds fall prey sometimes.

Despite all the technological advancements and fights for equality,

We are barely halfway towards where we should be.

I guess the best we can ever hope for is,



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