You, and Only You it Shall Be

Day one is when I thought your name was weird,

then day two being the day that my mind was cleared.

On day three, my heart began to experience this feeling,

and on day four, my mind began questioning with what my heart was dealing.

They call it love.

Again on day 27, my body began to feel funny,

and then on day 34, my stomach felt rumbly.

On day 75, you told me to let love be,

but on day 79, you told me to leave you be.


Day 105 is when you said that it was me you could not live without,

but on day 113, you ignored me,

leaving me to doubt.

On day 146, you came back to reality,

and on day 147, you invited me for tea.

I think he may be the one.

On day 243, I said yes to be the girlfriend of thee,

and on day 261, you told me you loved me.

On day 492, you begged my forgiveness and cried for mercy,

and on day 493, I accepted and you kissed me.

You are the one for me.

On day 647, you were summoned to leave for war,

and on day 843, you finally said no more.

On day 924, you asked me to a celebration,

and on the evening of 924, you got on one knee at the train station.

You, and only you it shall be.

On day 1,289, we both said "I do",

and on day 1,289, I became Mrs. You.

Today is the day you walk your daughter down the aisle for the son-in-law to be,

and today is the day we both will think,

"You, and only you it shall be."


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