Do Not Disregard Me: A View From Bayard Rustin


United States
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Do not disregard me,
for I am still the same brother with which you stand in arms with.
Forming chains to stand against the infringement of rights and ineqaulity, alike.
Every day and every night, we rally for the same end.
And…yet you call what I am a sin.
Immoral and perverted, were the words I seem to recall.
And…yet I was the one who should’ve been truly appalled.
Civil rights for all was always on my agenda,
but now in your eyes,
It is too much a risk for me to even stand with you.
So you turn away quickly and attempt to hide your “black” sheep,
This seems ironically ridiculous to me.
But if we are to continue this charade,
at least let me control what I want to say.
Despite my race, creed or sexual orientation, I still fight to save the people of this nation.
So, do not disregard me, my brothers,
for I am not just a link that can be removed from the chain.
I am a leader, in this Civil Rights movement, we have so aptly named.
I am part of a shining crest of hope that brightens the ghettos and slums of this country.
So, please do not disregard me
Because what I have to offer precedes what I am
And if I can remember correctly, wasn’t this dream always our plan?

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