Endless Graveyard


Thousands of tombstones filled my sight
Millions more are covered by the night
Bodies of humans rot underground
As the world continues to spin around

Some bones were left on terrain
To reveal results of human pain
Motionless bodies cover themselves in dirt
To hide their reaction towards intense hurt

It costs so much to alternate society
Surviving from each other isn’t easy
Some minds aren’t compatible with one another
Therefore we must bare ignorance and suffer

We are something with a breathing body
We are nothing without true sympathy
That’s what I realize now during my stay
I’ll join the deceased if I’m not away

This world has always been a cemetery
But it has bodies that only know tragically
Death shouldn’t be controlled
Pain shouldn’t reach the young or old

Rhetorical questions crash my mind
Of why we are so vicious and blind
I only wish we fought for good reasons
I only wish we saved for bad treasons

This graveyard has no end it seems
This place reminds me of my dreams
So silent, so empty
So full of melancholy
Not even the light is welcome
Oh, what has the world become?
So violent, so greedy
So full of brutality


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