Fall from Grace


United States
42° 29' 1.122" N, 71° 26' 30.516" W

When confusion sets
And you lose your bets
The world blinks in stone;
When guardians fail
And morals pale
You think you're all alone.
When leaders fall
And sickness crawls
You begin to lose your will;
When children cry
And birds won't fly
You think you've had your fill.
When cities crumble
And thunder rumbles
You look to the sky and pray;
When luck is non
And the music has gone
You know you've lost your faith.
When triggers pull
And knives grow dull
You think there's nowhere safe;
When jumps are taken
And bridges are breaking
Your mind's a haunted place.

When allies run
And help is shunned
The clouds all shed their tears;
When all are deemed liars
And ignite the fires
You have learned the meaning of fear.
When wings are broken
And breath is choking
You cannot pray nor scream;
When everything hurts
And destruction flirts
You know there are no longer dreams.
When you're doomed never free
And all you want is to flee
You watch nature in a rage;
When heroes fade
And the sun is a shade
You think the world's a cage.
When freedom's price
And humanity's splice
Have rent the earth and sky,
It's the end of the race
The ultimate fall from grace
And we angels begin to cry.


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