ME, an IDP!

Me, a ruined being in agony
A traumatized lad with scares all over
Is me that the world treated so unfairly
And who sought refuge within my home town

Me, a jeopardized citizen
With all his life under a prolong peril
My path is rough with all sorts of immoral acts
My steps ceased to land on the right ground

Me, a helpless IDP at the outskirt of the city
With whom his name depicts the victimized tribe
When the sun shone and took with it the unfortunate innocent souls
Options to live longer has got no room to prosper
I'm who said lets be one but got shot on the head and overthrown

Me, a unifying agent who has no power in the country
But has got means to bring a positive impacts to my people; advocacy!
This blows me over; tribal hatred, greed
I was wondering how will it happen if not through words, voices in action!
Blood shed, lives were lose, population was dispersed all over

Me, a rhymed words in action,
Am frustrated by what I had seen
Am traumatized to an extent of not knowing who's me
Everything taste bitter and sour
All colours have camouflage into havoc views

Me, in a mayhem citywide
Where night robberies is legalized by poverty; bellies crying for food
Day seizure made it a custom for the shops to get closed before the sun goes down
Laws have got no use and no one lends an ear to it

Us, in the city of hopelessness
Justice from the top is not in a position to express itself
Hearts are broken-down and into pieces
Nightmares are what storms our lives and ruin us emotionally, and spiritually!

Hopes in a devastated states, nothin' seem easy!
I'm helpless when seein' the movie replays; many lives diminishin'
Many souls in endless agony with no voice that sound for them
Many sorts of rhymin' voices silenced with warnings and cautions

I'm runnin' insane due this hectic life
It's like the Creature doesn't exist but He does!
I wanna hear the voice from the above and restore singing anthems for my beloved country
A land of richness, indeed, with plenty of resources!
Restore its beauty and make us rejoice your care and provision!
Thanks for everything God!

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My community
My country
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