Spelling it out


Guns guide your hands and feet

Your ignorance you breathe into the frozen air

The colors are all the same to me

But to you, it is war


Sheltered behind your branches

Where no one can see beyond the glistening thorns

I can sense their need to hear you scream

But you are already gone


Dancing in a storm of blood

You plead for retribution and their forgiveness

Choose your next move wisely, soldier boy

The die is cast again


The sun will not shine for us

I am just a woman fighting in a man’s war

I could tally the kills for your guilt

If only you had some


You did this because of tea

That chess game you didn’t win for the king and queen

I could knock some sense into the storm

If I could spell it out


Crying in a storm of blood

They plead for retribution and your forgiveness

But you’re too far gone, soldier boy

The die is tossed away


Your revenge is so fickle

Maybe they could give you a lesson on parties

If we lived across the ocean blue

Perhaps we will never


While they read your letters

I’m sketching out my own secret rebellion

We cower in your sheets and hearts

Perhaps this is our chance


Hiding in a storm of blood

You failed to accept a country rising there

You’ll definitely miss the one here

A girl now holds the die


The Darcy Perspective

This poem was for a project at school, for the book Rise to Rebellion by Jeff Shaara. I highly recommend it.

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