Fallen Heroes


Why is the world so mean?
Tell me of the things you’ve seen.
What do you call a hero?
Tell me how it feels to be less than zero.

Do you believe in love?
Or in heaven up above.
Is there a hell anywhere?
Or are we already there?

Do you like living?
Even after everything?
Been in danger, been in peril.
Lived without the will. 

You were bleeding,
Barely standing,
Still strong,
But lingering in the wrong.

The war is over and done now.
Dealing with these thoughts that no day is without.
Spending hours looking in the mirror.
Staring into the eyes that see nothing but fear.

I am why the world is so mean.
Brutality and horror are just a few of the things I’ve seen.
I am a fallen hero. 
I am absolute zero



Hauntingly powerful


I really appreciate this :) Thank you! I thought this was one of the best things I have ever written :) It's nice to see that others like it!

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