We Fought

We fought

We served

To fight for a cause 

A cause that stemmed from


An idea rooted in the belief that

We fought 

We carried rifles

We wore the uniforms

We fought

Freedom should have rang


Our hearts rang for


But their hearts were broken

Our children, Our wives

Eyes filled with sorrow 

We fought

For them

For their freedom

We are not weak

We are not a bird with a broken wing


We are fearless lions

We are clever foxes


We lost so much

We struggled, We suffered

But they did not care

They threw us to the side of the road


We fought

With them

Beside them

But they left us for dead

Their hearts, Their minds


Replaced with evil power

We had no say

We remained controlled 

Hatred filled our hearts


We fought

For freedom

To see a light at the end of the tunnel


We only saw darkness 


It only got darker



This poem is certainly without a doubt a powerful piece. The repetition reminded me much of the drill chants they would have, the format making everything seem cut and quick, much like the way some of solders have been accustomed to speaking now, like my uncle. The images you gave were haunting, and strong. I found myself diving deeper into this piece the farther I went. Most of all, the end was haunting, and punched the reader in the gut. Good luck in the slam, thank you so much for sharing this piece.


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