Heartbreak is REAL


As this day became the most worst of all

just ask you think everything going right

Hahah you think

just to realist that it's not 

He didn't even have the guts to tell me to my face 

the truth reads his face "breakup"

I tried to understand the reason for his answers

the "Pause' felt like a dead end 

but it only stopped me to think harder 

as I sat at the opposite side of the table while I was alone while he sat there laughing at the other end 

The more I tried to play it off made me break and crumble even more 

what was more like a bullet to my heart which bleed through my soul 

when he yelled at me and said we broken up which he said just to take it slow

only to speed up and run me over 

the emotions palled on as more words came out his mouth 

as I wrote this poem wishing a smile would reappear but made it only disappear

through the deception of his ego which didn't seem to

notice me melt in between his hands

this is the moment I needed to hold on to something there was nothing to hold on to 

ask I reached for a miracle which didn't exist

only shows how I left to dry up 

and the more thinking showed me he was trying to protect me of a lie 

which he admitted to 

that only showed the heartbreak that was contagious of REAL LOVE




Sometimes you gotta stop holding on to something that already let you go .In order to find something better . Hope you enjoy my poem. Comment if you like my poem and share how you over came a break up? Thanks you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is very descriptive in terms of how you express yourself vivdly about bad break-up

always take something that you can learn and build yourself up

love doesn't hurt-real love is about accepting a person for who they are

continue to write and use your creative mind


Thank you so much. I definitely learned something about that break up that I deserve better and I got better. Thank you for the. Support

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

no problem

it's about support

i wanted to offer you an opportunity to write a collaborative poem with you

it's a chance to connect with poets

what do you say?


OMG you don't know how honor I am. For you to even asked me. OF course I really want to get my poetry out into the world. I'm so excited and grateful!!! Thank u for this opportunity..

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let's do this 

let's excahnge email addresses

then let's brainstorm ideas to collaboratively write about

mine is velezjrrobert@gmail.com


what's yours?


imanidnjohnson13@gmail.com is mine sorry for the wait. I'm excited!!!

Mafi Grey

I've done things in life but everyone makes mistakes and its what helps define people and make them. I've been through some tuff relationship but I never try to give up on them, but sometimes your hurting yourself in the relationship by trying to contuine it; maybe cayuse your the only one trying to make it work. I wrote a poem about a relationship that you thought was good and then one about a child's first love. Check these two out and not me know what you think, Im pretty sure I wrote more like these but that the only ones I could think of at the moment.






yes with tuff relationship there will be something better for you i will check them poems out

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