Clenched fists,

Immoveable jaw,

Ready for a fight.

Hold your ground,

Don’t back down,

No more than child’s play.


All grown up now,

Must stay strong and steady.

Washed away in a sea of soldiers,

Waiting for the end.


Deafening heartbeat,

Halfway out her chest.

Doorbell echoes

Through her bones,

Uniformed man at attention.


Last hope flees,

With the blood from her face.

Trembling, hands outstretched.

Reaching for the folded flag,

But never reach before images blur and fade-

Inescapable, unanswering darkness.

A heart was never so heavy,

The loss of a weeping woman:



One fight over,

Another just beginning.

Taking one breath at a time,

To get through each day.

Wondering, watching, waiting,

Praying hope won’t pass her by.


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