You went through hell and back

And you didn't deserve what came.

You really tried to get back on track,

But after war, things just couldn't be the same.


You gave your life, shooting guns and ammunition,

Protecting us- our country, our freedom

After all, hat was your ambition.

But now, you're in a different kingdom.


You got no time to get old

Because of the devils dressed in angels' robes,

When you got back, your soul was sold

And the devils took you from our globe.


It's getting harder and harder and harder

Each and every year.

Nothing could be done

To keep you here.


You kept on pushing, even though you were barely alive

And for that, you have my respect.

I wish there was something I could do

To talk to you one last timke.

Mostly so I could make up for all the things I regret.


I didn't have one more thing to say to you before you left,

I had millions,

Probably trillions,

Things I'll never forget.


I want to sit and talk to you,

Showing you all of the things your sister has done

To make you proud.

So I sit and I lay awake all night and think really loud,

Loud enough so you can hear

As I imagine that you're here.


I wish I had more time with you,

But a burning sun will someday rise.

We will all be together, it's true

And we'll finally accept your demise.


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