As the moon shone above our heads,

God told me a story I'll never forget

Of when Vietnam and America first met.


Wind whined at the wounding windows

Turnip tossed and tooted at the turn of days

Laughter looped and leaked through lines


The anger in their hearts were devilish and cruel

Their flaming eyes burnt down the enemies

Their burning weapons, like devil's horns


The dull moon soon hid behind the blue smog

The door creaked, and peaked at the sickness

The light may stay, but the clouds pray to leave


Bombs boomed as time flies on

Bullets shot, zoomed, teared the sky

A loud crash whooshed through the night


As the whale sail, the storm cry no more

The day sang and rang, a song so delightful

Not far from sight, the sun once again shined.


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