Spread Love, Not War

It was a winter twilight,
the full moon was shining bright.
One could feel the insensitive cold wind,
freezing and obliterating everything, just like mankind.

They will come attack like storms,
and they will come in many forms.
There are men who use tiny pieces of metal that destroy those who aspire,
there are flying machines that make it rain fire.
Women and children will cry
while their men die.

The stench of blood is in the air,
and the only hope left is prayer.
Those who still live, live in fear,
all because of warfare.

They will swim in their pools of black gold,
until they get old.
All this while families are experiencing desolation,
who once shared happiness, love and compassion.
Where there is love, there is life,
but not after tasting war's knife.


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