Dead Mans Road


United States
42° 11' 17.862" N, 71° 50' 42.9864" W

Ignorance is killing a man, a man with great potential.
And this ignorance that I speak of, is coming down like torrential rain.
There is no way to escape it, no escape plan.
Our chances are fading, lights are dimming, there's no second chance.
Frustration and disappointment, is all in my mind.
I can't believe, I won't believe we are all so blind.
These thoughts are fueled by everything around me, and I just don't understand.
We are told we have so much potential, as we rely on the other man.
God bless you and you, and you, you are so blind.
Put down your hope chest, and open up your eyes.
Take a minute, look around, absorb everything you've found.
There's no use, There's no time, There is no cure for the Blind.
And I know, we've tried.
Believe me, I've tried.
But there is no hope, its all gone.
Washed right down the drain.
Hope is a thing of the past, all we have now is pain.
Pain caused by mistakes the great man made, and don't forget the lies that were told.
And now, we're led down a dead end road, a dead man's road.



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