Silent Prayer

It’s what my mind’s set on now

What I wished but never came true

And now a silent prayer to all

For the rain to cease, and for the sun to shine.


I’ll pack and unpack this bag yet again

I’m never sure if the path is clear

Because what others say can’t always be true

And I’ll pray that it’ll be all right.


Rallied troops and distant forces try to take me down

I don’t understand what their going on about

The gun fires and the cannon blow

I’m on territory where ash is the snow.


And a silent prayer to all, in hopes they make it out

And I’m wondering just how far I can walk

Though my legs may not walk no more

I’ll keep on running toward my goal.


But the rain keeps falling, and the sun ain’t shining

But that don’t matter, because what counts is that I’m fighting

For all those who wrote a silent prayer

And surrendered themselves to the Lord.



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