"A Gardener's War"

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 18:39 -- bretthg


“A Gardener’s War”


Oh, what a sight so poor.

Boys with hair of leafy frill

And cheeks like roses still,

Make their way now to our corp,

Heads filled with misleading lore

Of reaping due glory when

Fighting beside withered men.

Curse their sapling fervor.


Look how one grips the spade

It beseems him ready for

The simple gardner’s war.

But now his gun is the blade

And orders shan’t be delayed.

“Start cutting down human weeds

And launch those explosive seeds.”

There god’s garden once laid.


Our youths die when bidden

But when soil no longer bleeds,

To manhood their youth cedes.

In drought there will awaken

Sorrow for the land taken

And for the futures men sew.

They burn and let nothing grow

Where god’s garden is swidden.


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