There Was a Knock at the Door

Papers litter the ground, strewn about in their haste.
Drawers left open, its contents left cluttered, searched.
Coffee filled the mugs, no longer hot, but frozen.
Brown plants in the corner, withered from life.

Chairs tipped over to the floor in the get away.
Cold winds find their way through broken glass.
Seeds cover the ground, nature trying to take over.
Silence rings throughout the house, winter the only noise.

The echo of life still surrounds this house, built two years ago.
The family once happy was chased away with human kind.
Plates still on the table ready for breakfast – eggs and toast.
Its inhabitants long gone, a short life together here at home.

A muddy teddy bear sits in the corner of the little girls’ bedroom.
It was once loved but now its stuffing pushes through the seems.
He looks like the only one who’s been eating anything around here.
The blankets around him were thrown off the bed from the alarm.

Tiles in the bathroom were coming up from the floor, roots taking hold.
Beauty products left in their order throughout chaos, no more running water.
Wooden cabinets warped from the acid rain coming in the ceilings cracks.
The doorknob had fallen off weeks after the incident from an unknown cause.

There was nobody left, just nature taking back what was hers.
The alarm had sounded to keep people safe, but it backfired.
Everyone out of their homes and into the danger again.
The humans didn’t stand a chance against each other.

War and famine between species and themselves.
Nobody had survived the attack, both sides dead.
The happy lives that lived here were destroyed
The days of love were over once it all began.

Every man for himself was a universal motto.
Families tried to stick together but they’d turn
on each other and their friends. Nothing left of them.
Every race, every species, every advancement was damned.

Some blamed God for the massacres,
Others blamed themselves and rightfully so.
The world was cold and dead, nature the only survivor.
There was a knock at the door.


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