Our men are made of flesh and blood
But ghosts come back to haunt us
Gun shots on the fire fronts
Hell broke loose in 2001
It was an odyssey of epic proportions
Wake me up when the war is over

Life was good back at home
With grandma and fried chicken on Thanksgiving
Now in our tents on this dirty field
It’s with the colonel and our friend the rations
It’s hell out here but our blood keeps flow’n
Wake me up when the war is over

There’s dust back home that will blow and howl
There’s dust here that will rip and kill
This wasted land of sand and oil
There’s a red hour glass spider back at home that will be the death of someone
There’s a foot long spider here that is the death of us and our munitions
Wake me up when the war is over

Boom, ping, ping, bang
Pack me up with a wounded leg
Send me home for just a day
It’s too calm and quiet here
With too much morphine and fanfare
Send me back, but the war is over

I wake from the awful nightmare
To find myself in a tent with the men in my care
A bomb falls and blows with a whistling thud
Shots ric, ric, ric through the night
And a sigh escapes as I fall asleep
I’m back at home where I belong
Wake me up when the war is over


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