Why Do We Fight?


The battle rages
The war goes on.
Some fight to kill,
Some have a code.
The problem is that
We've forgotten what
We're fighting for.
We're just fighting...
Fighting this endless war that can not be won,
Will not be won.
Can anyone remember...
Why we're fighting?
I can't...
I just know that i'm suppose to hate the enemy...
It's what i was taught.
They've taken my brother, my sister away.
Is that why i fight?
But they wouldn't have been caught...if it weren't for this war.
When did this war start?
Does anyone know?
Another thing...
Can someone tell me...
Why do we hate each other so?
Why oh why do we go through this?
Can't we all just stop?
What good will this do?
All this useless bloodshed?
What is the prize,
In this battle?
Some land?
Or are we just fighting...
Because we are different?
No one can answer my questions...
But this war will rage on.
This is my thought,
Even though this war may never stop,
I have something to say.
If we keep fighting to the death...
All that can,
All that will happen...
Only one thing can come from this.
We will only keep losing the ones we love.
No good can come from this fight.
And, in the end...we all lose.


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