This Is War


I come from a place in which you’re lucky to make it to 18, this is war

History didn’t teach us anything, its still the white vs the blacks & latinos

We have dreams but we’re lucky if anyone cares enough to give us a chance

They say stay off the streets & stay in school and focus on the books but what example do we have a cop shooting a teen?

They say life isnt fair you got that damn right it isn't fair

Martin Luther King fought for what? Years later and this is all still an issue

I'm 17 almost 18, got a whole life ahead of me but what I'm thinking of is why bring a child into this world of misery

This is a sad place, this is a cruel place, this is a place where not being the color of white means you being in a gang or you being a criminal, they label all of us, they don’t believe in us, they don’t give us a chance. How don’t they know we’re not the next Obama? The color of our flesh shouldn't be a conflict.I live as a warrior who wants to make it far in life. I'm a Latina but I'm confident in myself, we’re living in a war but I'll be winning I don't expect you to believe in me but that's okay I believe in myself.

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