Letter From a Soldier


United States
41° 22' 11.2944" N, 81° 16' 26.0652" W

My Dear Love,
I don't mean to be crude
But I feel it my duty
To tell my story to you

If you could be so bold
To not shed a tear
I will be in your heart always
Fighting with your fears

As you may have realized
The purpose for this note
Please, I am begging you
You must learn to cope

I went down strong
Always brave
With you on my mind
How else could I behave?

I was shot down
Such a cowardly act
The enemy sneaked
Coming up from behind

A bullet to the head
That is what the medic said
Shocked I wasn't gone straight away
But no chance to live another day

So, My Sweet,
Writing this letter
My heart takes its last beat
I must tell you

I love you
Live your life well
For you never know


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