The Writer vs. The Warrior

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 17:09 -- AJones


United States
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She refuses to be here, yet she doesn’t want to leave
Her heart has sewn itself onto her sleeve
As she fights to keep her emotions inside,
She is losing a battle through tears that reflect hurt, anger, jealousy, frustration, and pride.

His past interferes with what the present has placed
And his future is a game of chance, as though his life is at stake
Honorary uniforms and steel toe boots
He is prepared to travel a road with an unknown view.

Black ink smears but she continues to write
The words that she share are stories of her life
Honorary mentions and medals of gold
She continuously talks, yet the truth remains untold.

She genuinely cares, her personality is rare
His vision is blurred; it seems to be a glare
He has the heart of a lion
She has fear in her eyes
Two separate people, but somehow their hearts have begun to intertwine.



"love and war.."

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