Fallen Soldier


United States
41° 22' 11.2944" N, 81° 16' 26.0652" W

A droplet drips down
Ruby red and perfect
Falling from the wound
Of the fallen man

Lifting his head
He tries to stand
But, alas, he can't
He is a fallen man

He left his country
Pride in his fierce eyes
Brave through and through
As he said his goodbyes

He met his commander
And they cut his hair
He met the men
Whose tent he would share

All too soon
They were off
Courage in their hearts
Ready to start

As the shots were fired
Men began to fall
He was hit in the chest
No longer feeling like a man at all

As life left, he thought,
"America, this is for you"
And at his funeral
Respect was due

He may have felt
Only like a number
But we will always remember
The tale of the fallen soldier


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