Candle in the Dark

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 21:31 -- Kaelyn

A candle flickers in the dark
The only light in the world
The world that has forgotten it.

Forgotten the small candle,
   not the light, not the fire.

No, definitely not the fire.

Fires rage everyday in every form...
   if there even is a day.

No one remembers what it was like before,
   before we condemned ourselves.

Oh, there are stories; fantastical stories of
   a ball of yellow light in the blue ceiling that changed patterns everyday.

What is a day? We've heard of it. The elders speak of it.

But there's that candle, flickering, dwindling after the world went dark.

We had light, just a moment ago.
   But it disappeared. We have no instructions on how to get it back.

The candle; our only source of light, flickers, and is gone.
   All is dark, and the world is gone.


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