My Last Bullet

I can't let go , because I have a lot to say

Building up on my chest, making this gentle heart heavy

The thought of you makes my mind restless

Filling with questions

Hurt masked with anger

I ache to fight back

I stack this speech up high

Ready to crash down

You abandoned your own men

Now you have to pay the price

I march to you, ready for war

Approching the enemy that gave me life

Chanting for victory

Come face to face

Than there's silence

Some say it's the voice of God

A silence of death

My army then retreats, betraying myself

My defense crumbles

Ammunition is low

Heartbreak comes to the surface

Eyes filled with tears as I throw up my arms

In defeat, I surrendered

Mouth seald shut, throat closed up

After a struggle all I can muster is one bullet

Right for the heart

The courage to pull the trigger

"All I wanted was for you to love me."

And now you made an enemy










This poem is about: 
My family


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