A Clash Of Chests

Paradoxical timeline, however, It’s not a dream

In a world made for us, 
The patriots of the snow,
Blends into the bow of tomorrow,
For we once never sought sorrow,
As our minds were never narrow,
For we worked delicate and mowed through;
Halt !
Capture them and let’s make it anew.

Accept our gifts of bloom,
We’ve made more progress than any other,
The philanthropy has us all covered in sparkling diamond,
We shan’t ever worry for all this gold;
Lead them right through the herd,
For I say:
The holy grail is in the tablets of the aeons,
And not once shall it fail to grasp from our hands !

Let’s stand up together,
My Brothers Of The Present, Past and Tomorrow,
We shall dine in the throat of the seedling,
And shall slaughter a sheep for our feast of glory,
For we deserve this power and fame,
And so does our father of understanding.

May mercy be in your soul,
For we are your great saviours !


The Land that accepts you , despite slaughter !

The world is made for all,
None is superior or inferior,
The blends of sorrow and hatred,
Filled all our hearts with the trails of the unnatural sky,
Though, I still speak on the people’s behalf,
My energy echoes throughout the universe’s heart;
As delicate as we all work, our hearts are always singing birds !

Though, you’ve failed to understand gaia,
We’ve accepted you in our hearts,
For we’re not you at all !
The gold and diamonds you speak of,
Mean nothing more than treacherous blood in everyone’s memories,
Shut down our abilities,
But shutting down our inner spirits,
Will require more than your systematic illusion,
And since we still have the birds of the universe on our side,
The crystals of the past are still in our hands.

Let’s take a moment,
For your standing as a whole mean nothing more,
Our unity lies in infinity,
And your narrowness will not be prevailed over such ignorance,
No power,
No fame,
Only gratitude and everlasting love are what we have,
And what we seek is what is already there,
So we shall not seek at all,
For we are children of the One and The Infinite.

Infinite love shall always be with you,
For our love holds no boundaries even in the face of lost souls.


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