Walking Dead

Have you ever seen anything so sad?

Children run around half-naked while their parents wait for more pills to come to town.

Teens walk around with cigarettes in their hands and alchohol in their systems.

No one has the chance to even live before they start killing themselves.


Men and women dispise one another,

yet they lay down and make more children together.

The pregnant women go around begging for someone to satisfy their addictions,

without even thinking how it effects the life inside of them.


The age difference between the genereations seems to have disappeared.

Grandparents smoke with their grandchildren and buy them beer,

Parents supply their children with pills and cigarettes,

There is no love, no respect.


My people are dying.

They go around killing each other without even knowing,

they turn on each other,

they have become slaves to the amount of a dollar.

Everything is about money, cars, and clothes

ask about loyalty and tradition...

No one knows.


Children raise one another,

living their lives without fathers and lack of mothers.

Innocent faces turn old before the should,

their insides are acidic and their souls poisionous,

addiction is their diagnosis.

Their future is dimmed, no longer bright.

The boys try so hard to be thugs, but never even been in the hood.

The girls try so hard to impress the wannabe thugs

Go around wearing booty shorts and crop tops,

drink, smoke and do drugs,

keep on partying till their lost.

Things seem to be getting worse


War has broken out among my people.

They fight for Death rather than for one another.

What has the world come to? Is life no longer worth living?

Life has become a race of who lives it faster and who dies quicker.

We cry for the cause of death but fail to realize the fatal effect.

We are so desperate to feel like we're living,

But all we're really doing is dying.


We are the walking dead.

This poem is about: 
My community


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