Survivor of a Massacre


United States
45° 38' 25.9476" N, 122° 37' 13.44" W

Rain slithers along my body,

Mixing in with the blood seeping through my wounds,

Smoke filling my lungs as I make a run for the forest,

Bushes consume me,

Soil soaking up crimson,

Droplets staining the grass,

Screams fill the air,

Gunshots echo in the sudden silence,

Lasting only seconds,

Wailing of small and old fills the air,

Fire blazing bright atop the roofs of homes I was once in,

Bodies scattered along the grounds,

Many of which I knew,


Grew up with,

Many voices and sounds mixing together,

Shouts of desperation,


Some try to gain control once again,

Sight before their eyes breaking common sense,

Never again will I dream a peaceful dream,

A dream were I am safe,

One that does not involve a massacre,

Meadow of flowers replaced with cold bodies,

Yellow sun replaced with a blood moon,

Clear ponds,


Replaced with a darker liquid,

Tainted hands grip weapons,

Some with white knuckles,

Looking for survivors,

They hope for none,

While I hope for many,

Darkness takes over the land,

Winds pick up,

Sounding like a pack of angry wolves,

More fear seeps into my veins,

Fires light becomes dim as my body slowly becomes numb,

Desperate to wake up from a dream that will never go away,

Desperately wishing this nightmare was not a memory,

But merely just a haunted dream,

Pain of dear ones eat me alive,

Scars a constant memory,

The constant pain of being a survivor.


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