Battle Hymn of the Ball Point Fighters


Vulnerability drips like water over your frantic orifice,

Mindless mice in se ar ch of governing beings that display little attentiveness, 

In no performance will the oppressed cower at the back of worded bars,

Time has crawled to the surface of war where it evades the lacerating rays born by faltering tyranny.

Eclectic flowing now upon the field of d i s  c o n n e c t  i o n, hairs STAND morphing to a chaotic monstrosity,

Aggression boiling to a new being as the defiant wash their hands in insurgence. 

Pens resembling the bastard that reined deathly in confrontation, 

Passes gripped like gold with the pen to signature death upon one outspoken plea. 

Cries of hostilities roaring loudly in complete silence. 

A motion flashing before the eyes of the being dreamt to be titled autocrat.

An unsheathed pen was raised in the air by the hand of a threatened adolescent, 

The claws erupted from skinned hands as the dictator craved the ability to express her supremacy.

With signal the oppressed pointed their ball point knife to the attacker. 

Names fired from the cornered beast, but the crown of power fell to shards before the freed.



I was hoping the grammar was going to work out better then it had. The size is not at all what i was wanting and it had many things into it that helped the poem along such as fading big into small and lines through words.  

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