The War of the Elements

The world is at its end,

A primal war has begun.

Mother Nature’s children are fighting

To see who’s the strongest one.

Who will win this war?

I wish that I could say.

Let me introduce you to the Elements,

Then we’ll see who wins the day.


The eldest is strong and silent Earth,

Eyes shining deep and brown.

His power is always steady,

Like the ever-present ground.

He fights for honor and glory,

And does not tolerate weakness,

He’ll stand above all,

And crush you for your meekness.

Though he’s nearly always silent,

Beware his deadly hatred,

For even centuries later,

His anger won’t have faded.

Earth is a great warrior,

Loyal, strong, and true,

But don’t ever betray him,

Because he will kill you.


Next is mischievous Air,

With eyes of deepest green,

She flits from place to place,

In the sky she is a queen.

The biggest mistake that can be made,

Is underestimating her power,

Though she is not strong,

Against her even the strongest cower.

The wind is her humble servant,

Bringing her every secret ever told.

So watch what you say about mistress Air,

Because you may lose your head for being bold.


After her is murderous Fire,

Whose eyes flicker orange and red.

The most arrogant of the siblings,

He lives for violence and bloodshed.

Though he is dangerous,

And prone to explosion,

Most do not realize,

He feels the deepest emotion.

His power is unpredictable,

But greater than the others,

Fire watches from the distance,

As his army kills his brothers.

Be careful what you say around him,

Because anything can set him off,

And while you’re body’s burning,

Fire will watch and scoff.


We must not forget Madam Water,

Whose eyes shine deepest blue,

Men always lust after her,

But of her power they haven’t a clue

Her grace and beauty are divine,

But she’s as deadly as she is lovely,

So make sure to keep your spine.

A dangerous and powerful foe,

Water’s tears can sting like whips.

She can make an enemy fall

With naught but a swing of her hips.

Never turn your back on her,

Or you may just end up stewed,

Sit and watch her deadly dance,

And hope she’s in a good mood.

She’s not afraid to kill,

In fact she relishes the thought,

Of playing with her enemies,

And then killing them on the spot.


The twin of Water is deadly Ice,

Whose eyes crackle pale and white,

No one knows what lurks beneath the surface,

And gives him his infinite might.

With his sister his loyalties lie,

He’s her enforcer, stupid and strong,

He’ll never let her die.

His heart is cold,

His mind is numb,

He grows more deadly every day,

But his sister keeps him dumb.

He could be the most dangerous of the siblings,

Calm and patient Ice.

But his twin seeks that title,

So he pays the price.

Be careful not to insult him,

Because his stupidity makes him angry,

He’ll break your back like a cheap toy,

And crush your body like a piece of candy.


The lonely sibling is witty Lightning,

Whose eyes are piercing yellow.

He tries to smile and tries to laugh,

But it always turns into a bellow.

His roar inspires fear

His touch drives others away,

Lightning only wants to be loved,

But all his lovers he did slay.

Lightning does not kill on purpose,

His touch is just misplaced,

How do you fall in love,

When your kiss is a murderous blade?

Beware his violent mood swings,

And the hatred that follows his sadness

For if you are caught in Lightning’s storm,

You may be enslaved to his deadly madness.


We must not forget Darkness,

Eyes deep and scary black.

He seeks to cause war,

And kill his siblings for a snack.

Darkness is slightly different,

He consumes others to get his power.

If he ever absorbs an Element,

The world he will devour.

Watch for his deadly tricks,

Or he might consume you too,

In his gaze you’ll be transfixed,

And you’ll watch as he kills you.


The last of the siblings is Light,

Whose gaze shimmers gold,

But don’t be fooled by her name,

She’s already sold her soul.

Though they can never be together,

Light would do anything for Lightning,

She’s never told him of her love,

Because the thought is far too frightening.

Her most common enemy is Darkness,

Because the two are the strongest.

He tries to consume the world,

And she tries to stop his conquest.

Beware the anger of deadly Light,

Whose strength can blind us all.

She has the power within her soul,

To make humanity fall.


The siblings are all deadly,

And each wants the world,

Mother Nature will not stop them,

For her children’s powers are unfurled.

The war has begun,

A clash between the Elements.

The lines have been drawn,

And the battle begins with its deadly elegance.

Which of them will win?

Of this I am not sure,

But watch the Battle of the Elements,

To see which fate you will procure.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Which element are you? I'm not afraid to admit that I'm Lightning. Everyone fits at least partly into one of these categories, so which one are you?

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