Water? I Don't Need It

Game's over.


Get me some water!

Ah! You've got ice too?



My sweaty palms touch the glass,

Feeling the freezing water with my hands

My veins pulsating with the rush of blood,

My mouth dry with the taste of sand.

I watched the ice melting in the heat.



Rappling of a machine gun in the distance

What the?

A house destroyed by a missile



Where's the smoke coming from?

Stinging my eyes, burning my nose,


Oh the smell! 

No, it cannot be of human


Two balls of white staring through a destroyed face


"Water" says the remains

Is he?she?it? even alive?


"I'll take it if you're not drinking that"


"The ice melted, and you haven't taken a sip"


My mouth was dry, but I handed him the glass,

He gulped it all down at once,


I don't need it...


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed

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