Life's Obstacles


A spider feeds off the fly that gets tangled in its web, eight eyes observing, eight eyes learning

In moments that pass the fly is dead, a memory of agony and melancholy at best

It was trapped like a racoon in an old mans invention, made of twigs, a net, and a shiny apple

Survival of the fittest is what dominates this world, a cycle of despair, a cycle of truth


Tommy cries for his mommy, nobody hears him, nobody see’s

They slam him to the ground and kick him in the ribs, thud, crack, snap

Laughter erupts and eyes just stare, locked as if they were bounded by glue

Nobody cares, nobody moves, just silence as they pass by him in the hall’s

A broken boy with a broken smile


Elizabeth feels indifferent, not normal, not healthy

Just a phase, it’ll pass, it’ll go, it’ll fade

No it won’t, she screams, she cries, she pleads

Her girlfriend just comforts, just hugs, cries too

Hatred plaguing like a nasty swine flu

Death threats, drive-by’s, hate letters

A girl shattered, a heart destroyed


Greg falls to the ground, a gunshot, bleeding, screaming

“Never leave a man behind”, the motto, the phrase

They airlift him out, a military strife

He is brought into the hospital and dies later that night

A heart colored purple is placed onto a stone

It’s stolen, replaced, vandalized, replaced

His family lost, without any hope


Natalie is stalked, cornered, trapped in the dark

He approaches slowly, with a sly smile, a heavy breath

Grabs her, pulls her, slams her to the ground

Stealing her dignity, stealing her pride

He makes her feel dirty, he steals away her life

She sits there and cries, wanting to die


These four have never met, strangers in a cruel sadistic world

They are different ages, different races, different people with different stories

It can happen, it does happen, no matter who you are

These things are real, they happen every day

You can end them, just speak your mind



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