The Prey



Loin are very fierce and powerful, they creep up to their pray, they are like thieves in the dark, you never know when the lion will come.


When the predator will come,. When the war will come, When death will come creeping slowly behind the bushes waiting for a great opportunity when its prey let their guard down.



I, a prey, feel, hear, sense, smell, oh god do I smell my predators breath, stank with blood, with heavy mass of blood. And in the eyes of my predator, I, a prey see death, behold death! Watching me in his presence I stood fighting the urge to run, run, run, run! To the darkest part of the earth. Run is what I’ve done.

Hide is what I can’t do.


For my fear clings to me, send a fume of my weakness but what it can’t fume off is my pride, my will, my hope!

My hope yes, yes, I, a prey have hope.


And if there’s a will, there’s way and with a way comes a path, a door, a door way make me, me! So much more than a hopeless prey.




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