Our American Veterans


Kin has served World War I till now,

On the battlefield for that single vow, freedom.

Mundane citizens as you and I,

Sign their names and legacy in the sky.

Camouflaged to defend their home,

Through unfamiliar lands they roam.

Fighting for the ones that can’t,

Only the noble few sing the chant.

They take to the skies, water and land,

Upon war machines they’ve manned.

Confidence and bravery they may exude,

Our understanding of this at best is crude.

Lives have been lost of worthy cause,

Painful memories this war does draw.

Flashbacks like scars that never heal,

Actions locked in metal pins and steel.

Yet we honor those who are willing to risk

Their own lives when they’re so already so brisk.

So let us honor and cherish those treasured few,

Who stand among us in every pew.

Our American veterans.



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