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A touch of her is like a touch forever, honey is damn sweet, but she's sweeter than honey cumb. Adorable, palatable, unforgettable her memory is. Bringing bliss to my heart ♥ -C9fm
Here's a tree that only I knew, Its roots deep in my heart it grew, A symbol of my hidden truth, A friend that saw me through my youth.   Its leaves were like my every dream,
Its dawn. The nocturnal dusk slowly dissolves into the soft morning light, blending with the first sun rays coming through the delicate foliage and the sparkling dew, like ephemeral emerald drops, reflecting life and hope.
The cold night shining bright The stars above twinkling the wind, the sky dark and everywhere the sense of comfort so perfect and surreal the life i miss
                         Mujer, eras tan linda. Eras tan bonita Fuiste tan educada, tan joven y llena de vida. Eras tan amable. Eras tan hermosa
Frau, du warst so schön. Du warst so hübsch Du warst so höflich, so jung und voller Leben Du warst so wunderschön. Du warst so nett Du warst so zärtlich und fern von den Raupen.
I swallowed Your decision I’m leaving The mansion
      Nous sommes au mois de Septembre L’été vient juste de perdre ses membres Sa chaleur, sa beauté et sa tendresse.  
I sat at the corner of a coffee shopA cup of hot coffee, a cozy-cold day,Across the road, wearing a suitIs an old man, sitting beside a grave.I can't help but see what others ignore
Ricorda ieri Ricorda i vecchi tempi Ricorda quello che dicevamo Ricorda le commedie
                                                        Children already grown Kisses already forgotten Plants already flowered Flowers already burgeoned
Am I not a story?A perpetual jugglerOr any apparition hustling to survive? Disrupted volcanoMiserably, a blast!Of flames and flowersPerceived as hollow and no art!
Forget me not dear Like dying delphinium. May our blues entwine.
Te recuerdo y no te recuerdo Te tengo en lo mas profundo de mis pensamientos, vivimos momentos inolvidables y memorables.
My mind is a Kaleidoscope of memories that I wish I could burn But some moments are fireproof And maybe it helps to see the world through rainbow glasses Or maybe it’s a curse And maybe I loved you
I think it was high time I took what was yours, I gave what was mine. And for quite some time we made it work I think that deserves, at least, an ode. It might as well be a eulogy Or a vow,
  Walking the brightly lit halls of white walls and pastels. Past the family holding hands in the doorway. Past the woman looking frantically from face to face. As if she really knows what she’s looking for.
hardwood memorieswell-rooted, time-tested, safe~ hiking in mind's woods......Mark Toney © 2021.5/15/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
Dreamworld’ssustained dramaselectively alluringleaving uschoking onbroken bits ofdreams andmemories ….Time to awakenfrom sleep!Strip away oxgoadsthat constrain us,
Summer means no shoes 95% of the time. Having popsicles at least 2 times a day. It's so dark that you won’t even recognize yourself pale. Staying up so late that you have to wait only another half hour until sunrise.
Memories is all I have to hold  But it’s too hard to let go I felt alive  I felt in sync  I moved with the wind They were the wind
Remembering times you were fearless When days didn’t drag on and on When life was lived young and reckless When nights didn’t fear for the dawn   When your eyes gleamed with excitement
Happy as a butterfly Smart as a bee The sugar to my tea You were there for me You watched me grow And begged me to dance As I jumped for the stars From my heels to my tippy toes
Eyes, the hurting eyes, still haunt my dreams The memories we once had are flodding back in I don’t want to look back at the past because i know  i can’t change
  I write or die; not because skill was born inside me rather, flesh, bones even blood, formulate to fail. Begets a sadness worth pity which bores me near,
"What is life?  It is the little shadow that runs across the  grass and loses itself in the sunset."  ~ Blackfoot Quote     Weekends at Gram Bessie’s below Wing Grade where Sweetwater Creek
Moments pass us by; They only exist now in memory, Like footsteps in the wet sand, Wiped out by the tide.   Memories are so precious; Keep them close to you. They are all that remind us
Autumn flowers   Flowers withered by the march of time and season Yet I find it very vivid to my heart and reason Displayed in plain, on the table - a craft made Where the wandering of my pen is inlaid
It still lingers, dispite the time flow Your sudden presence, dissipating the closing darkness, with your brilliant glow
I search the wind everyday , To see where you stay . You were happy with me in those days , Are you still okay ? I hope to see you again , If you ever wake . A woof of yours was enough ,
You're leaving   The broad expanse of your back is the gallery where I 'II hang my dreams. Always on your way Out When will I go with you? I'll behave like you want
You're leaving   The broad expanse of your back is the gallery where I 'II hang my dreams. Always on your way Out When will I go with you? I'll behave like you want
Music is the only medicine that exists when there's no cure for  the noise in which my mind is drowning. Maybe I don't cry but it hurts, Maybe I don't show it but I care, And although I don't say much I feel a lot.
The night is a closed chest—   someone is standing inside under its vaulted, holy black cloisters…   two someones, and another dozen: they jump up and down, up and down.  
I remember jumping rope on the sidewalk and games of hopscotch and hide and seek with other kids on the block. I remember children's laughter happy and carefree and the sweetness of apples
And we kept walking  with the petrichor laden wind Our hands clasped so tight Your memories and mine, and look The orange in the sky Over shadows the blue of our lives And the emptiness 
Ya’ Know My Poetry Shows … That I’m … “ Taking Notes “ … Yes … “ Mental Notes “ … !!! Notes of Quotes … Quotes From Those Whose Rhetoric Shows …
And here I am Writing my thoughts. My thoughts for you.
Do You Ever Have … " Those Meetings " … That Somehow Leave You Feeling … That Something of … DEEP MEANING … Was REVEALED Within That Meeting … ?!?
When the crimson curtain closes and the lights have dimmed. All we take with us are memories. When the day fades to night and there’s a chill on your skin. All you hold close is your memory.
Places that can render recognition, but memories that will never be truely recognised. For the memory fades like summer days that remain hot in the mind even in darkness from light
The look of love Of two hazel eyes, Turn to one  As love looks back on me Of two blue eyes, Turn to none   A same look
The smell of charred peppers fills the room   It was the end of a sweet summer and She had already pickled all the vegetables she needed for the winter
Last night I dreamed about hiding on his black marbled plate Inside of what remained of their meal, Cowering in hallowed potato skins. forced to sit still and listen
Last night I dreamed about hiding on his black marbled plate Inside of what remained of their meal, Cowering in hallowed potato skins. forced to sit still and listen
Boxes piled high Stacked so carefully Yet so unsteadily One touch and they tumble The contents spill I pick them up Unhealthy state can't comprehend I project Can't put them away
I hold a crayon in my small hand Scribble a scribble that’s more than a scribble. In my eyes it’s a pegasus that flies 
A godsend boy and a angelic girl on a field with nothing but promises of love and adventure. The whimper of being chilly on the summer evening was subdued by the rhythm of his mouth on hers,
wandering through streets window shopping up and down what a luxury   beautiful buildings young and old, they surround me cause me to wonder   the golden sun sets
Head under water Held in place, trapped I'm losing my breath Held in place, trapped Still, you keep me there Held in place, trapped It is all my fault Held in place, trapped
A fountain of love letters; ardent, over-exhausted, bursting at the seams with pure affection, unfurling out upon
Rain I hate it The smell of mildew left behind Little droplets pounding down The puddles soaking my shoes It's like a barrier Holding me back But like everything It eventually goes away
These moments, These people, These years. We thought it would last a lifetime, Our friendships would never break, And our love would never disappear. We'd never know what betrayal is.
When I was a dope fiend I had written words, (taken pen to paper time and time again)  that barely scratched the surface of things that got me going, that started me.   Chicken scratched letters embedded
He stared at the eye of the caliginous sky, accepting its shining, warm embrace. An eye white as jasmine, a healer of aches;  His grin extended to the dimples on his face, 
flipping baseball cardsin the flippin' school yardpictures up, stats downDrysdale, Koufax, Mantle, Spahnor vice versa all around.retirement income source lost on the playground...  
One day, I’d like to go In search of my past,   Of the memories Of a misspent youth;   I cry for my souvenirs, I dream of a beautiful future,   Where I can atone
The day I blossomed from my mother's womb I had two blue eyes, ten pudgy fingers, ten tiny toes, And 300 bones. But as I’ve grown up, day by day, year by year, person after person, 
Costa Calida sun,I hope we’re reunited,Though I can’t say when,I may see you again,   Costa Calida sunMeans memories romantic,Of when that I was young,Memories of Spain.
Waves washing awayThe whispers from my soulMy heart breaking Drowning all emotionsWrapping my thoughts with a pretty bowWillingly letting goOf all of you
My thoughtsAndMemories…Scattered……SometimesIn the windAnd…SometimesIn a raging stormhurtPainLossand finally love…
your lipspoison to my sensesthe sweetest sinbourbon whispers into the deepest part of my soul dance with mekiss meneed mecrave me
I find myself... thinkingabout youSunsetsBeautiful lyrics In the sound ofThunder,In the calmof soft rain, drizzling
I go back, though Sometimes it’s filled with pain, I go back, ’cos Nothing will be the same, Precious places I first knew, When life and youth And love were new, I flow back, and
the brain is a university bedroom adorn it how u want   scatter memories like golden fairy lights circling the sloped ceiling look how they flicker until they are reduced to a soft glow
Goodbye and thank you to the Ocean Thank you for the memories The nights of walking along the beach The waves as they crashed at our feet   Thanks for the breeze blowing wind through our hair
It’s time to watch the fireworks As they fill the sky with light these small controlled explosions That seem to split the night   They remind me of my childhood and of patriotic dreams
Those days when we were children Sometimes I reminisce About if we could repeat them  And all the naps I’ve missed   The pillow fights the cookie mouse And running in the breeze
Surprising things that remind me of you:
Can you smell the smoke? like the smell of summer nights we can barely remember, sitting in circles around a glowing red light. Do you hear the distant crackle?
I lay on the grass, Face pressed on the earth Above your marble urn And let your soul Flow up through my body- Leaving my skin tingling  
I am from dead leaves on oak trees to green grass covered with trash. I am from chimingchas every Sunday to hearing "Hey! Go hit the hay!"
See my memories of my grandma’s kitchen is not like that of yours It didn’t smell like lavender or fresh lemon detergent
The glorious sun was out. The rays shining upon the white pearlies of my cousins, The glowing melanin of their skin, Appreciating the picture in front of me-
So many faces not a feeling in site,give me a few seconds and in a moment I'll  sigh. My eyes so heavy and my feet like glue,Stuck in this place with which I outgrew. My heart aching from the memory of just us two,only to cry out with feelings bec
Walking through the halls of where I used to be. I've been gone for years, but it feels like yesterday. I know the smell, the taste, the touch.   Now when nothing at all appears foreign to me,
I was driving home the other day, Down the same old streets like always, I passed the school, the church, the cemetary,And I started to think of the old days. 
Monster of greed Longs to be seen Ransacks the spark It leaves its mark.   The mourning wind blows Taking what it must.
The love of  a burning rose can only be kindled when loves at stake,Making it hard to take, what most don't know is that this is the first mistake,For the burning rose has many thorns and with its thorns comes the desire,Cutting and tearing yet it
I buried the memory deep inside. Three years too long. Written in uncommon txt it marinates in my head. The fiery red, and the hopeful yellow. You bestow the spicy flavor I can't wash away.
New Year's Eve, two thousand twelve. A night full of hope, joy, wonder, but I was all alone. My father, asleep, too angry to stay awake. My mother, drunk, too careless to remember her children.
I can recall-perfectly, A Time, Made of Gold   Not the gold, That you both laced around me, binding my neck and wrists.  
lately, things have been a little too much for me. i havent been the happiest and i had no explanation on why,
A person may leave or stay, To know the reason, if I may. A person can always get hurt, Only if they didn’t make the cut.
  The air becomes dry and the wind stops mewling familiar hymns that I stopped singing So that I may talk to you  
My mother has said dont say you hate it until you have eaten it.
Growing  It’s not the fastest of processes.  It takes time Patience Commitment. It’s a network of memories, people, and experiences.
I open the window So I don’t suffocate But the air doesn’t reach my lungs As I try to count my breaths   Monday I came in to see you
Childhood memories, some Happy and sad. Of Illness and wellness and Living with dad. Was Distanced from others and Hating it all—now On with the day. I’m Destroying the wall.  
I took my head from off the glass, My nose plastered at an unatural point, I take a deep breath and swallow, The ice crystals forming on my eyelashes.   I keep my head up, and after class,
I can whip out the accent at the drop of a hat.   The sweet, syrupy voice stuck with me, and its slow drawl, as it demanded goodness while she told me I was beautiful.  
She looked at me while she giggled a light-hearted laugh It rang out like a wind chime till cut in half She looked to the side and made a face that shook me
While time has aged the memories are still sharp in my mind. I feel your presence in the shadows, lurking while hiding.  You belong there. Hidden from the light. Knowledge of your sins kept only between us.
Frozen memories Lost in time Tattered corners Forever mine And in my pocket you may lay Until I need you again someday
heavy hope can be hard to carry, and an obscure future, dark and scary. here without you, why'd you go? didn't tie the knot, nor tie the bow. before you left, you kissed my nose
I have always been afraid of aging This fear often has left me raging Funerals have always left me scared They left me with the burden to bare
I forget them in the day time, all the little lights At me they wave and blink and do their damndest to get my attention, but I pay them no mind
I lie in bed every night, The guilt seeps into my dreams,   Someday they'll catch you, And I'll be waiting, Gripping smoldering justice, Like a loaded gun.   I'm eternally conflicted,
I remember the screams Of my youngest sister as she tried to sleep. Whose screams Concealed hushed, conspiring whispers. I remember too the leaves that swallowed
You held me tightly like we were lovers of old I was part of you; you chose me Days spent in the sunshine of our existence Memories created
It is two am- the limbo between morning and night- and I have to be up in 5 hours max. Can't sleep. All I can think about is time travel 'cause I just watched a movie where they played with time
Memories are funny little things, Neatly filed away and tucked into little manilla folders in the back of your mind, Watching,Waiting, For just the wrong time.They slip;
a whisper hangs in the balance of dusk and dawn suspended in the dew that tiny droplet that holds a million rainbows when the first glimmering ray of sunshine still clinging to the horizon, wakes.
Some people remember memories in the form of words, sounds, and images I remember memories, the smells of the grass, the honeybees I remember the smell of the dressing room Your cologne, perfume, the living room
Tan is a state of mind It's not how your skin looks how it tightens and glistens It's how the tan came to be Through the fun and the games
Lord A prayer for the man I love He's so messed up Yes A prayer because I'm at a loss He's cheated enough Say A prayer for me from your heart In satan's snare he's caught And me
10   My first normal day in years If you could call it that I’ve been in and out of hospitals With test and treatments and monitors and ivs
The silver cord of friendship Runs all throughout one's life And strings together people: Their souls with all their strife - It weaves a precious fabric So delicate, unseen And as it's underlayment
Image by Belinda Capol   I am terrified that one day I will wake up and you will be gone. it will all be a dream and she’ll be there, her hair tied up staring at a screen
Those sweet memories which could have been if not forgot within. Never asking from the insertion point; the memory becomes what you remember and not what could have been. 
I wish there was a restart button Something to take me back in time  The idea of holding you again And calling you mine   I would click the pause button On the moments I missed,
“If you can speak you can sing,And if you can walk you can dance,”She used to say.We all would laugh behindOur handsAnd raise our eyebrows, neverBelieving, because we wereToo clumsy,Too busy,
you've left this world, twelve years have gone by now.i've forgotten the sound of words as they left your mouth.i've forgotten how your arms squeezed tightly about me,and i've forgotten what it was like when you were here.
I gave myself lines Because I didn't know I gave myself lines Because I needed pain Something other than the Pain in my head In my heart   I gave myself lines
Your boy has talentI see it in his eyesThat voice carries angels to the skyI wouldn't liePray God on highHear me when I sayHe's gonna make it one day.  
I miss those mornings where everyone is called out for breakfast I miss those noons, where you're exhausted from school, work And you're forced to take a nap I miss those evenings where the power is on
Sixteen years have pasted and I’ve seen the world for what it is, From the boroughs of Western Pennsylvania, to the heart of New York, To the white sand of Daytona and the diversity of Cincinnati.  
He told me I was becoming my mother.A statement that meant,I could do better.They said I look just like her.How the ocean floods my eyes when my heart, Catches on fire,From beating too fast.
I remember your smile, The way it would light up your face. How your laugh would sound, And sing throughout my body. I remember your anger, And how it would scare me. The way you'd get sad
My hands are like knives And my flesh the meat   I carve my body Aching in defeat   Again and again Each slice is a blow   To the touch is a rush I still wish to not know
I never feel like I belong anywhere and I always feel as though I'm in someone else's space.  I don't think this is the way I am suppose feel, I miss being secure and stable in the person I was.
Is there somebody that could save me? From myself. From everyone else. From those that seek to tear me apart. From my heart that craves to be loved so bad.
                                                                                                                     I hate the rain. It’s been raining all day and each drop tears me up
My mother bought new dinner plates. I didn't think we needed new ones, They were five dollars, She said. I was against using the new plates. My heart was racing and
Everyone needs a memory  Summer keepsakes  Family memories  Best friends Pictures full of people you don't know Awards Lunches full of laughs Dance trends Sayings Favortie songs
Blinding lights like an operation room. I curl myself in the booster seat, Woven polyester straps pulled to the sides. Muffled roars of arriving flights make for difficult napping.
I don’t know if I will make it through this time. I don’t want to endure this pain again. In my heart is it wrong to reminisce? Alone with myself sobbing back tears. I have forgotten how it felt to smile.
(Hook)Hearts burningLike the pavement ofa summer in the city.11:57, 3 mins to 12
i slip into a dream it's sometime between late and early and this is where i find you the bugs sing at their own tempos as we walk a steady pace down the longer of the paths
who are we now sometimes i don't feel like we're the same souls whose eager teeth met by the brick river on days like this i wonder what it would be like to be us again-
Reaching out into the darkness of night I count the flickering stars, and watch the leaves dance like flames glowing in the moon's silver light. The wind runs its cool fingers through my hair,
I must thank you Years of family memories Frozen, standstill, captured, timeless. And we shall know your absense By the lost years In our photo albums.
Through the fast racing light When light and time intertwined And the line of space and time made jungle vines Out of stardust
Dark and wet These memories we hold Will forever be apart of us These relations we mold Will become a part of us For we've known each other shortly These, yes these events
Lighting scorches fresh fields of bloomin buds Their innocent pink petals singed by sparks of the electric blaze The Old man sitting on the porch of his past and destined home Watches the pasture he has always watched
to you, who loved me without love:   it has been so long. three years ago You were everything. had not touched me yet
Dear Sister,   When you were born I remember receiving A bright red camera I remember Clutching it close
Water so dark So thick, like paint. Sky so bright So blue, It hardly has a color. Through the tunnel Spiderwebs overhead Rust lining the tube.
To my Dad, my best friend, I can’t even pretend that all this happened, I just want to bend and contort until my body says no- My mind is full of what if's, maybe's, and so’s.
Dear Grandfather, I wish that I was able
When looking outside All you could see was white. He brings me hot chocolate And we sit in front of the fire. He looks at me,
Dear Mom, Or Pam, I suppose. Enabling the lowest of my lows. Do you remember me? Is it the memory or the idea? Cheap wonder bread and ham, cool kids who couldn't care less.
Dear ex-bestfriend, Im sorry. I want your forgiveness I think it's the only way for me to forget you.Then again, I don't want to forget you.
Dear Unnamed,     I listen to "Over the Rainbow” its tropical tunes carry my thoughts-- The backseat of our red station wagon
O, for my sole comfort in the night, Yet it is, at times, the one that causes me the fright. Nevertheless, it is my only solace when I am afraid;
Hey Future. Did you know that this would happen to me? That this kind of emotional and physical hurt would slowly crash down on me On that day -
And then  It all  Fell Apart  Just as quickly as it had become,  It disintegrated into his fingers And all she could do was stare at him,  A haphazard mix of fear, and pain, and betrayal
Dear twenty-seventeen there's a lot of things you showed me like how time can move so slowly then get faster than you'd like there's a lot of things that happened    like my highschool days at home
Dear Older Woman in the Grocery Store, I am your cashier. I scan your cookies, your cakes, your medications; I make polite conversation, delicately choosing my words As you delicately chose and scribbled each item
moonlight is so bright but what does it sound like? it sounds like the nights  where you muffled cries  it sounds like the nights  where there was nothing to do but sigh but sometimes
When you look back at when those pictures were taken, it seems they were just a window of Time. doesn't care about friends or Connecting. with others is usually
great uncle:I would like tothank you forTea. It is asimpleitem, yetcomplex in mymind,Tea.
I had a dream last night, and it got me thinking about you, You're crying right next to the windowsill, and you say that I don't know how you feel.
Dear Grandma,   It’s been roughly a year and a half since you left, Mom was never the same. Uncle still sits in your room from time to time and tries to drink away the pain.
Dear Mrs. Lisa, I hope I never let you down, Though I know I could be quite a handful back then. I remember when I was just a kid
To you, an important being,                 My, it has been a while do you not remember when…  Oh I am sorry, that is very rude of me to assume. 
I heard a song today and I immediately thought of you. I closed my eyes and I swear I was there again. I'd heard this song for the first time that day. What a beautiful song. 
The cacaphony of the tape tearing. A moment ago it was there, the next it wasn't. I floated away. Craving one last moment. One last memory.
The body was four years old when it   lost its sense of touch because of all the hitting.   The body was eight years old when it   lost its sense of smell
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
Dear Christmas Decorations, Year after year, your gold-wrapped traditions engulf this small home.   On the window sill sit dainty figurines
i found you on facebook a while ago. my friends and i were showing pictures of the people we dated to each other, telling war stories,
i. he carved his name into my bones with claws under which my flesh festered. no matter how long i leave my bones to rot,
Rose, a lively rose. My life is like a red rose, Each petal is a special part, Making up a picture. Every petal that falls is something that cannot be forgoten. Every few years a petal is lost.
Something came back to me today As I sat near the window and watched the sky turn grey.  It drizzled then began to pour  And the wound in my healing heart became an open sore.   
Dear Christmas,   You are like a first love, I was obsessed with you, I couldn't stop thinking about you. But I got older, we grew apart. And then you were a memory.  
As the leaves fall and the colors change, 
Memories light, fleeting at best. Some linger, some stay with unrest. A sonnet of love can be repeated a billion times, yet the most sinciere of memories... Leaves our mind. Who, what, when, where, why...
  I am afraid of the dark and falling and those shadows you see in the corner of your eye. And all of these fears probably stem from that time when I was young,
Sometimes memories are better forgotten.Sometimes they’re not,But some memories are harder to bear,Because in the end all happiness gets disappear.
Remember the timeRemember thenThat instance,When, oh when Our youth, when we did what we didDidn’t care, didn’t giveInto the pressures, of parents or peersMan, those timesRemember?
When we decided to break up My whole world collapsed The things that made me happy Soon just made me sad
It was all just a dream,  That I once thought it wasnt make believe. Your lips against mine went from the moon and back,  Every touch planted on my body, made me feel complete. Every word filled me more with joy.
Because I love you I whisper prayers To the smoke as it rises To the Heavens, To you. Because I love you I place this tobacco Upon the wet earth And ask that it give Some sign
WhiteSoftStuffedBlue eyes mirror my ownMy guard through the nightPuppy
Silence. The house is filled with silence. Daddy's battered Subaru sits in the driveway. Is he here to see me? His little girl, His little mouse. A manila envelope, A few words,
I dare not hope 'cause  I know it can't happen Dreams aspired,  Broken, shattered. I want to go back home  where we loved each other Sure, money was tight  but we did all right
It was ages ago But my mind recollects these memories once more I can still hear the laughter from it's wooden door The dancing footsteps on the floor And my father's voice cloaked in a snore
Young, so young we once were, when I realized I loved you, ever since that day   It was only the begining of our journey, 2nd grade in Mrs. Vasquez's class when you- you called my name
Did I call you beautiful enough? Was I so careless as to Confine those words to a feeling? That time you sat on the counter While we made heart-shaped cookies
All gone Erased from my mind Memories of past
Today I fucked on a letter you wrote to me a long time ago What it means? I dont know. But you wrote about Our garden.
My lips purse and blow It clouds and floats away I watch intently And blow again   It reminds me Of when we were kids.
New light shines in the blue sky No confines No clouds that cry   But soon they come Unknown where from Beginning the storm
Going through the scales That I remember so well The callouses on my fingertips There since childhood You always remember your first violin The squeaky strings And stretched horse hair
You’re in my mind You’re in my heart You’re in my vein You’re in my blood You’re everywhere I never want this to change But, one day, I know it will And here’s what I’ll do
Becasue at one time I love you: I let you touch my soul you had the magic touch two mend my torn heart At three you kept my bed warm like a burning piece of coal  when no one else was there four me 
I see him forget me And all his loved ones I see him forget Yesterday, last week, last year   I feel the pain When he can't remember my name To know that His memories are disappearing
My memories, In pain, in tragic In hope, in light All down with pencil and paper. With it in my hand, A fire to start within my eyes, The paper in my hand, I read it again,
Growing up, my grandmother’s house was a second home to me. Greeted by the smell of lavender and sweet peas, she provided a safe haven
Kinsrow Avenue was   icy bitter dry Not solely just the winter   rather every second spent there Kinsrow was a broken heart Kinsrow was mental illness Kinsrow was relapse
Miles before the sun, I awaken; the bitter sting of salt upon my face, and she who death has taken.   As I emerge from slumber deep, your visage my eyes fight to hold;
As his eyes met hers, once again, memories filled with colorful bliss suddenly awakened,   the past quickly met the present, but only in his mind, and only for a moment  
Picture of the past, Replaced with pictures of you. The fun times that turned sour then, Is just history now.   Standing on the edge of , Dark and light, We raise our hands, and
We carved our future into the starsAnd then sat back and watched them float And boy did they move TwistingLeapingDancing through the night They spoke our lives Only,
I have memories which are sweet and sour, which I remember when I am bored. they are happy and sad and may be bad. but never forgettable,  cause they remain in the mind very stable.  
Too Fast   Time, slipping away out of my buttery-like grasp, escaping from my memory, seeming uncapable to catch, ticking further from reach.   They never lie when they say,
On long car ridesShe chooses the music playedCarefully setting the moodUsing songs to portray emotionShe turns melodies i
a Taxi to Jerusalem - for Dinna Dinna of Denmark you were my darlingWalking in your leather sandalsDown the dirty Via Dolorosa
I let you inside of my brain, didn't understand why you caused me pain, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, Trying desperately to feel alright,   There is lead in my bones,
Your absence is not my best remedy.  It doesn't help me, it doesn't make it unbelievable.  The aching assures me of your existence,  but memories are  fading as if we never happened, as if we never existed.  
she dips her makeup brush in gunpowder instead of eyeshadow   because her mother was a soldier and her father was a poet,  
I can't sleep without the window open at night.   I can hear the roaring of cars in the distance.   It reminds me of whe we would listen for cars before we crossed the street.  
A day I cherish,A day I wish never perish,A day when you were born,A day which gave me a chance to make you mine,A day with memories divine,Do you really remember a thing?I doubt if there is still a string.Surprises and wishes,All the warm kisses,
If I fell, would I feel it? The impact that would shake my bones? Or would my body remain numb, unaware of the cold?   Would my heart still beat, thumping against its cage?
Remember dancing, tasting the present, It as fleeting as our movements and our feet Remember hugging, each other on days of sorrow, Freeing feelings caged underneath Our skin
Hear the sound of the passing wind,Watch the blazing sun of yesteryear. The water rippled through the galaxy,I watch his back as he face the clouds.
                     And I see him in someone's sideways smirk,                               someone's endless brown eyes,                             someone's smile when they laugh.  
Through the morning clouds they fall, These tiny cannon balls. They hit the ground and puddle and muddle the noises with a huddled pitter patter sound.
I remember when my grandmother used to bathe me in her pink granite 90s bathtub She would pick me up a cup, laced with BPA, and fill it with lukewarm water Never too hot, for it might harm the child
Your not here anymore Makes me wonder if you did leave A troubled soul that didn't know What he had when he left   We are learning a topic About something you endured
No to the DBQs. No to the dialecticals. No to the derivatives. No more.   No to the research projects, the industrial revolution, and activation energies. No more.  
Sometimes when I'm trying to do lots of homework and i'm completely overwhelmed i hear your voice in my head telling me to make a list.  Sometimes when i call you on the phone
But now you look And you wonder When it was you grew up And you think how Things will never be  As they were Or as they are And these last few months  Of one chapter
Today I heard you were still aroundThat you were still in townThat you hadn't yet left for collegeand I don't know how I should feel about thatWe use to spend long nights laughing
In the dark I lie awake Hoping, praying for our sake I told you all that I felt And all I got was a painful welp I felt my heart leave my chest Never for me to find love's rest 
Like the sunsets fading, lost in the vast horizon, as we chase after the unknown. Those sleepless nights we spent, counting the stars sneaking away from reality. Who would have ever thought that time would soar, as we realized how most was spent, 
My soul rests within your twisted knots, Warren and bear from storm and play. Each stroke of your bark holds separate memories, We pass you by without second thought.  
I’m from sunlight shining, Birds singing in early afternoon. The fortress beneath sheltering pine trees, Narrow paths I’ve walked a thousand times.  
Do you remember the times we spent together sitting in a tree, as happy as could be. Do you remember when I told you it takes a lot to make me cry? Do you remember what the note said?
As my mind sits here, meandering, my attention was focused on the dripping sand of the hourglass of the past   Every individual speck, every small memory gradually collected at the bottom
A happy and optimistic girl I was back then. Found myself in an everlasting hurricane in the middle of March, starting with my grandfather’s death. I tried to be a soldier, protect my heart like it was my nation.
I remember the laughs I shared. The smiles and successes we made but then I realize that what is left is all a memory.    People start to drift like the waves.  They come and go.
Upon a time it first was bornFrom a wedding reception box with wrapping tornLetting light fall upon the newlyweds' giftSoon began to move the infant child's fists A red, roman numeral clock
Rita June, staring silent at Indiana snow, robed up in a worn, old, pink throw lights her cigarette by the kitchen window.   She squints and she licks her thin, blotted lips,
2016 was 366 days of dreaming, of learning, of reflecting, of growing myself into the person I long to be.   2016 was 366 days of laughter, of ideas,
And then, there was silence. You were just a memory. Your voice, your words, your face, your smile.
Everyday Ι walk over similar roads,   And in every way the same memories replay.  As my feet bring me to the places, my mind brings me to other times.     Back then, and today 
People come and people go. Relationships—are they worthwhile? Memories last forever, though.   He grins and, winking, says hello,
Tested is the silence that breaks the very air  Cruel is the loving hand that hits hardest  painful are the memories of past moments  sorrowful are the paths travled by lonely lovers 
This is for you, This is for the universe To remember   To remember what it's like to listen to the crazed baseball games over the radio.
Heartbreak is the heartbeat moments Smiles fading into frowns When happy turns to sad In remembrance of a memory The longing to return
8 years can fly by like a passing train, They can be full of happiness and sun, Or they can be full of depression and rain  Sometimes your thoughts can be overrun,
A shitty run down turqousie chevy, with a dented silver door on the left hand side, crawling from the passengers side to yours, sitting in the lap of a past lover,
You’re everywhere, No matter where I’m at I can feel your stare, Following me like my shadow, your eyes trace my every move, I do not know the reason, or what it is that you’re trying to prove,
recalling bad memories is like unknowingly walking through a minefield and suddenly you cant yield so your mind flies as your body stays behind and you know before you see it
I remember the taste of your lips, sweet,  and soft, reminding me of fluffy clouds, I didn't want to wash the taste of you from my mouth, I remember your arms wrapped around my waist,
My dearest teacher How do you feel Do remember the time You were the Bitch on Wheels   Now I do thank you For being patient with me in 8th grade math You were certainly more
Four long years you've been gone.We miss you.Every year we have to realize more and more that you're gone. The pain unbearing. My heart still tearing. No more advice. No more caring touch. 
I am from hair bands, From hairspray and bobby pinned strands. I am from lights hanging above the stage. (Bright, blinding,
When the middle of the night comes, bleak and lonely, my eyes open to find the many shades of gray, constantly echoing off of each other.   Thoughts racing back to that moment,
The way the time may go, The way the water flows The way the sun shines in my eyes, Today I pray That though the storm may rage
It's been a while since you moved away... If there was a time I'd wish to have back It would be the year before you left I didn't realize how much you mattered to me Until you were gone And even when you went
The Lime-green Ford   It was the symbol of her later years, The lime-green Ford parked outside In the drive. She bought it on a whim, or so one hears, And drove it for years, maybe ten plus five.
Catch your breath as you realize you're no longer breathing. Out of bed you roll, but already the amroma surrounds you. Family traditions, no matter how simple, are essential.
You will never know the feeling of freedom that surges down my spine, The shiver that cascades through my veins, As we race against time to make memories.  
As the ocean began to swallow me I remembered Our first kiss The way my parents were proud How much I loved the outdoors My first trip to my dream state The first real friend I ever had
I used to carry the photograph of us, but now I carry the memory of how I dropped it in the subway. I carry the regret of not going back far enough to retrieve it.
It's been a whilesince demons have last made a home in mine,since I've last drowned in a sea of wordsseeing so many race across my eyes,but being unable to grab the right ones.Every time it happens, I'm afraidI always sink.  It's been a while sinc
a humid haze after a violent stormthe spotted, dying leaf fallen from a maple treethe bitter aftertaste of a sweet treat,the remnants of what was once. one minute, it's so close, you can almost smoke it and the next it's faded, a ghost, you've los
You were my Joker,I was your Harley,We kicked it together,Being chased by that stupid Bats on our date nights.
This is what I have left, The last connection to who I used to be. I write to remember, I write to forget, I write to find where eternity meets the end. I write about hope, Long since lost
Souls stride with unbridled passion, Beings coalescing into a society as A heterogeneous fluid of Raw, fearlessly flawed humanity.   Yet why is it
Mom was only twenty-eight when she moved in this house in 1977,And she lived here until she moved to Sneedville, Tennessee in 2011.Mom was beautiful at twenty-eight and she was still beautiful at sixty-four.
I never thought this day will come, It never crossed my mind to say it. But at long last it did, and it was worth to remember. They always come and go, but you will stay forever,
People are always in a hurry Filled with a sense of worry A night sky filled light But people without sight A sense of time pacing A stopwatch racing Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock Life is like a clock
The numbness is growing, Or is it sadness instead, That will plague me until death. I feel so alone in this world Where my darkness descends. I feel forgotten  by my memories
I hold on to my past, I know I shouldn’t. But how can I hold on to anything else? Mrs. Present is filled with scars from Mr. Past And of course, Dr. Future is nowhere near  
Sunflower of my withering heart,Oh how you bring me warmth,Like mountains your foundationsform around my worries,your voice soothes all woes. Smile and I'll smile,
Sunflower of my withering heart,Oh how you bring me warmth,Like mountains your foundationsform around my worries,your voice soothes all woes. Smile and I'll smile,
  Wrinkled edges and dog-eared pages, Smudges from the swift stroke of a careless hand ― Crispy remnants of a poem spaghetti-stained
You leaving, changed me. It sounds like the wind rustling through the trees. It smells like the air after a long rain. It tastes like strawberry licorice.
I kept Looking back For a familiar Face and voice That smiled And cheered me on It hurt for so long When I looked back To see hesitance And eyes looked away It pained me 
Sepia With water stains Yellowed paper Tied with thin string Black and white Photographs Taken years ago Smiles and stern Dispositions Peer out From a window
Let one guy left with a fond memory of her raise their hand It's unlikely to be her bae Took her so long to realize the damage she's done Spreading how she felt to everyone
I didn't know  Until now That you  Were gone It took me Six months To find out And I was Speechless I had nothing To say I didn't cry But somehow
Breaths puff out In the cold chilly air Frost dies underneath And you don't care You try to breathe You lift your feet To take a step On that very long Staircase And you're gone
I slowly closed my eyes. Awake in the forest. The background of blurred colors began to die. I still saw your silhouette staring back at mines. When I was younger. I weeped.
It's gone It's past It won't come back It's dead It's faded There's a crack In what once was But now isn't Anymore It was open But now The door Is closed
Warm feelings Memories of smiles And outrageous laughter With silly wiles And for some A happily ever after Drowning in ecstasy Waves of joy  Washing over me Crushing me in bliss
Pouring down In unrelenting sheets Washing all In its path Battle-worn soldiers Pellets of water That are cold to the touch Leaving numb traces And mingling With salty tears
Have you ever felt the rain? The pitter-patter, like my fingers on the table we ate lunch at every day during school The pitter-patter, harder now, like the waves of shutting lockers in the halls we once laughed in
Biting back tears Holding in gasps Choking on sadness And sorrow Falling in traps Knowing it would happen Faking joviality But in the end It was hopeless Your heart is breaking
It reminded her of the way she felt The lonely clouds that is A feeling to be dealt Watching the endless raindrops collect  
I am from fond memories made with him from his smile that never leaves his face I am from his tears that form every night for they cloud his eyes from the thought of me  
My feelings for you have not changed since day one When we first met in 6th grade I knew that what I felt was real Even after we went our separate ways My feelings for you will never sway
I write from my heart The feelings of my soul Poetry is an art With no specific goal
Sitting down in an empty room. Trying to do homework, but it's not possible. Sitting down thinking about school and my grades. Would it be different if I went to another school?
no more. this is the last of the Elder days  I belonged to the Elder days, their wars were personal  I fought them  I knew the lost soldiers  I am the last  the last of the Elder days 
It is hard to forget- more than one can describe. Images pressed against the skull, replaying memories that decrease the rythmic motions of one's heart.
Before I knew it it was there Covering the outline of your face behind the glass I once polished it every night gave it kisses and spoke to it as if you were here Told it of my struggles, my griefs...
When we die, We don’t need anything. We walk to our deaths as we are, With nothing to hold us down but a Small chain of memory wrapped around our minds.
Life consists of many comings and goings As materialistic beings we cherish our belongings Belonging to me, truly, are just my memories
I'll look out one dayAnd I'll see itI'll see the bright colorsOf the setting sunThe swath of brilliant reds and oranges and pinksI could stare at it for hoursSitting there, rocking slowly
Memories It is a door to the past The good times The bad times I would never be able to understand the past I could never understand how to better my future
10 Things I Wish I Could've Told You... but never did.  
I can guarantee that when you see me I will be  overthinking   It's a bit of a curse the outcome can hurt but I'd be lying to say it didn't have its perks  
Stuck in a place where my thoughts are lost, trapped trying to escape. Seeking for something that I once had. Trecherous thoghts vauleable things that I once had were stolen from me never to return.
I could live all by myself, Yet never be alone. Two covers and a spine, Can make a charming home.   Wallpaper of rustling pages, Songbirds warbling in verse,
The light, the dark, the shade. There's no bette feeling than knowing our place. eventually, somehow, without trying, it slowly starts to fade away. Before the memory fades, I capture it. Flash before my eyes,
If I could only bring one thing it would be this one old orange soft checkered Blanket that was given to me when I was young new small precocious
Deserted, Alone, Just me, All by my lonesome   But I bring you, Along, With me, In this together   My hope, Thoughts, And travels, Mean nothing  
I can't live without air.  Seriously. That automatic pull that the lungs take, that convert within themselves, without us even thinking or knowing.  That creation of taking in and out what is around. 
Do you remember closing your eyes and thinking of the days you were dead? Not dead, but dying? You died once, Long ago it was.
A box, a box is all I desire to bring with me; Not just any box, but a box full of stuff. A box filled with memories--- A box with photographs, letters, and stuffed animals.
As I am looking into the distance, With the abundance of time, I can't help but think of the impact  My memories have had on my mind.   As am I watching, I wish that some of those moments,
On this island it's just me and you.  You have everthing I need all in one.  Without you it's like I'm missing what is important to me.  On this island it's just you and me.
Where will we be when the future arrives? Will we be nothing but dust, Filling the ground with nothing but cobwebs and our sadness? Or will we be memories,
All I need in life is neither family or fame All that I need is actually something unusual for a person my age Now you may be thinking, is it a Bible or maybe even a love?   It is neither of these things,
‘Tis warm and welcoming, a glow of a   Low-burning fire, the light into which we step. Familiar, long-distant voices greet us; Embrace we arms in a gesture well-known.
To Whom It May Concern- The bed is wrapped near the River, Let my memories enter the Shore.Nevermore, I never felt, As if it mattered- Hesitation marks fill the Paper,I could not bear to write it-“I love you, I love you”. Past words are dead.
1) you scroll through the emails exchanged late at night. well, it was late for you. He was just waking up; you could only imagine his tired eyes and sleepy voice  
I need them. I yearn for them. I, at times, ache for them. Them, being my memories. At times, I start to think I've forgotten.  That I've lost them. 
Something lives deep inside me Something that hungers Something that burns Something dark and hot It smolders A rumbling deep inside When I grow cold and empty That’s when I feed it
The heart of a tiger, the lungs of a fish. Know one can be as brave as this the theif in the night turning to an angel at sight, as soon as the darkness hits care for you, like you care for me when times are hard
Out of sight, Out of mind, Never to be seen. A broken memory, A broken dream. Left behind, Left to fight all alone at last, Nobody to save me from myself, Nobody to help.
My world ended So why was it still spinning? Darkness crept in So why was there still light?   How can the Earth still spin And a candle still burn When his heart's stopped beating?  
Your sweet smile, The way you kindly spoke, Will forever be in memory.   Your kind eyes, The way the passion in them rose,
A flickering orange against the cold black night, On a winding road guided by yellow headlights. The moon’s distant glow seems but a fantasy As beautiful, troubled and as distant as he.  
Sand surrounding me Upon waves that seem so calm With a sky so blue as clouds ride the wind  “Ah, is this paradise, or is this reality?” A pinch in the arm, a confirmer, I can continue life
You ate the moon,  Stealing the light out of my sky It's dark inside and outside, And I'm stumbling across the ground The wind shakes the drees And the branches reached for me,
All the lights we can not see, All the music we can not hear, All the memories we can not remember Are the shadows of a life unpursued. Are ripples in a pond with no reflection.  
I'm alone and can't sleepThere's no one here but meI'm stuck with all these memoriesIf they could only see
There is a place inside my dreams, I see you standing there. Your beauty captivates me, the sun shining in your hair. Another day of fishing, the pole becomes your hand. All I can do is smile cause I am the one who understands.
my heart swells with memories of everyone from my past everyone i hated everyone i loved my throat is closing up and i want to go back and i wouldn’t change any little thing
The needle pricks my bodyInk flows from its pointCaressing my skin, creating memoriesCould be a reminderOr a messageThe telling of a storyThe marking of words and images
Memories can be good and badRemembering can be the worst partThe good memories, you'd want them to lastThe bad ones, you want to leave in the past      They might even hurt you so you keep them a secretAs for the bad memories, you don't think you
Yesterday is gone Today is almost over Tomorrow is not promised Tell those you love How you feel Don't be afraid to take a chance Do something different Confess your feelings To someone
When you have to think of one you can't live with out, You're filled with thoughts of more than one without a doubt. It's her. Him. Them. That. This. Something far. Something home-bound.
"My crys are silent I am not violent But still you break me This pain I'm taking, Once it was yours But then you locked the doors In front of me and them But every now and then
"Listen, listen  Do you hear The peircing scream Through the atmostphere  Listen, listen  Do you hear Those long, long screams Of pain and fear Listen, listen Do you hear
Do you think about me the way I think about you? I often wonder wat you are up to Does your heart ache when you remember my face? Without you I can no longer find my happy place
In my head I reside Where there is one thing to hide My true feelings and my fears Memories that bring only tears In my head there are shadows where the evil lives A place where there is no remorse to give
Behind the tree, Next to the lake, I examine the spot that holds our  Precious memory.   As nigt time falls  Along with our memory I begin to feel weary.  
My world is better As I hear the thunderous, yet peaceful waves. It’s the most wonderful feeling ever. Finally, this is my chance to be brave.  
I can’t remember what I did yesterday Or the day before that Or the day before that. But that’s normal. Besides, I remember him. My husband left me long ago Left me in this hellhole of a nursing home.
There is a time in person’s life That each one of us must conquer With no way around it Where we must lay down to rest Knowing we may never rise again   But each person Does not cease to exist
The sun splahes the sky with a runny orange-purple haze that bathes the land in shiny gleaming evening The light dribbles into my mouth and lines my insides with warmth
I’m sitting here There’s nothing in my chest I think of You And Him Sometimes Her I often think of all of You
Dreaming There in the dark Memories visit me As clear as if they’re happening All over I’m seven again A flashback to my childhood
The love we shared ran deep, I find myself wanting to stay asleep Id chase the sun if I knew that you were there waiting for me Burns to the touch, a bitter sweet pain that I miss so much
 citrus acidity bringing to mind breakfasts half eaten, coffee warm and dripping down the sides of my porcelain cup in moments of sleepy eyed awakening. orange juice pulp
Okay, it's me again This is how I feel right now, -I can't see you -I can't find that pencil you lent me -I can't feel your hands on my hips -I can't hear your voice
A time when each breathe was a puff of white smoke; When days seem shorter than the nights. The sun barely danced in the sky as shivers escalated my arms; I chewed on my lip with my heart skipping in my chest.
Hey, I was just wondering if you know you have your elbow in my heart Like, I know it's comfortable and all but really Is it that you like the way it bleeds when you lean like that?  
He moved here in the fifth grade, Immediately we were friends. Or at least i thought we were...but i guess it all depends.  The years ticked past,and the bullies came at me stronger. He was there every second, without him or his brother i doubt i
Read me a storygrasp me in tightrecall your bedtime luxuriesthat befall be a Goodnight.I'm still waiting. .
It is amazing How one thing Can trigger multiple Memories A scent A place A song  A person An object AAnd what happens To those memories When we get older 
I am the voice In the back of your mind Telling you to make a mental note Of how your first sip of coffee tastes The morning before your first day at a new job.   I am the friend
Toast to a Park Bench   Everyone sees the alcoholic that is passed out on the same park bench every morning, rain or shine, even though some pretend that they don't.  
Sit back and relax.Let them cascade over you.You know what I speak of.Memories.Both Good and Bad will come.You can never erase them.Memories of promises,Both kept and broken.Memories of friendships,Both created and destroyed.Memories of childhood,
If I don't know where I'm from, you ask, how will I know where I'm going? Fair enough. Here's my best answer: I am from a little boy crying because I turned his amoeba of green paint into a t-rex.
I like to recollect i like to reminisce notice the emphasis i put on remembrance i remeber when I was young and dumb
Daydreams that are  long since passed Slipped through my fingers When they stopped making sense   Old memories
In my hand I hold a sword To defend or to slay? As one you are the victim And the other you have prey. Future odds determined by what A past has written. What good is old and wise
I saw your hand around my waist, your eyes staring at me with a kind of sticky chocolate hold that captivates me—holds me frozen in time.
For every white car I see the memories come flooding back
Blackened thoughts. Vital signs. Retribution. What's left inside. Memories start to disappear. The older I get the more they become unclear.
They say the best thing about memories is making them,
We decided to build a house It was that part of time before school the leaves had started turning and the reeds in the swamp had died But there was still time so my brothers
I don't have a number for how many times;But I remember running...I remember harsh lighting in tired eyes,And middle of the night, fight or flight car rides...Phone calls and ringing;Then screaming.
My heart left where we would meet
“Judith”, her name still echoes in my mind.
Did you know an Elephant never forgets a face Once the creature catches a glimpse it can never forget and your face is one that I can never forget.
It all started with a bet, thats all it took to make you fall in love with me.   We fell in love under the sweet summer sun, singing to the radio in your fast black car.  
Barefoot river child Dirty hands, dirty eyes What have you seen? Remember the days  Forget those nights Please just sing with the chickadees There's laughter in the sun above
It is still hard to believe,  But we are approaching an end of a journey  That we have walked on 
There was a time when the trees breathed without a care.  A time where the birds chripped their song. A time where the stars shined so bright. A time where I stayed out at night.
What I would do to see you smile again-
Blue sky, black clouds, Cute pets, hype crowds The many thoughts we have and never speak aloud Good grades, sweet crushes high school sweethearts in they're lucky
Through my eyes I see you
The Mourning Dove is gone. And so are her baby squabs. They've gone one by one. Now all that is left . Is an empty nest. Like life. Some folks are leaving everday.
This is an image of my past as you can see.   I'm not the entire focus.  I'm one of many people.   Taken years ago, you look upon it and it appears to be taken on a regular summer day.  
I miss the blue in the sea I miss the garden home to me I miss it, I miss it.
There's a room  Where memories,  Of what I became,  In Vietnam.  Just to survive,  Are stored, They're locked tight, And not to be opened.
Past, present, future few or more feature
I remember when our connection had its first break: I changed so sudden, and the whole time I was feeling your heart break. It was a pain so strong that sometimes I still feel your heartache.
See i seen this guy,
When I was younger and the world was bigger I’d often travel far, far away To places where I was happy and unaware Drive on, drive on, until we reach tomorrow day  
Right before I die, What memory will my mind
There were candles in her eyes
drop the pen that doesnt write kill the  sun that doesnt shine eat the melted chocolate cone
Thanks for the memories. The ones in obscurity and the ones bathed in sun Theses are what help me remain human. These picture that replay in my mind when I make mistakes.
I remember his eyesThat they reflected mine,The golden encapsulated,Red-flecked beautiesThat so often got us confusedFor brotherAnd sister.
The paper boats,
It's a frightening thing, forgetting. It brings courage and loss, insult and reintroduction, relief and resoulution. It's even scarier what one forgets, 
The thread that ties me to you Is soaked in ether and stretches even deeper. This thread is of the worst kind of blue, Even though it was your favorite hue. It's purple in the right light,
Don't dance the words of a lullaby Don't cry the words of a goodbye Don't die in the words of a rap battle  Don't overlook the sights you see in the blink of an eye its all gone 
He moved here for people like me From an old place called Italy But never lost sight of his family And wanted them to see what he had He didn’t want them to be sad He had a son Only one
I jotted down a message to myself in my phone: “Write a poem about watches and bicycles and poetry.”   Is that all he really left me with?
I guess we're stuck on yesterday Take it down and pack away
8/19/12, age 18   At five years old, my hometown seemed like Wonderland, Countertops that towered over me, the aroma of baked goods Infiltrating the crowded sidewalks, coercing me to want a taste.
Seeing the sunrise peak from behind the city skyline The mirror image in the soft waves below Feeling the the sun's warmth brush against the back of my neck During a beautiful winter day
  Memories are a part of me, They drift apart from me. So many thoughts, just like my old matchbox cars, Simpler times---remember pogo sticks and toy guns,
Under a willow in yellowing fields,  Watching the bees as summertime yields,  The flowers to autumn's bitter chill.  I sit in the grass and time stands still.    Feathered white clouds hang in the sky, 
The earth slows to a stop And everyone cries
1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 4 mississippi, 5 mississippi. I just wasted 5 seconds of my life. 6 mississippi, 7 mississippi, 8 mississippi, 9 mississippi, 10 mississippi.
"Poetry," he said, " is so over-rated." "So many thing are," I thought. Simply because people hold them above the things that are more valuable,  and more under-rated.
One day it's marked in your head, others, it's in the air. Like vapor, it lingers, possibly poisonous. It's up to you to let it set inside you, to take control, almost killing you,
Sometimes I'm always down, Sometimes I'm always looking at the ground, Sometimes I cash in on my bad luck, Sometimes it's me lightning has struck, Sometimes I always keep my head high,
My room is orange and the walls glow with delight. Sunshine dances off the memories that these walls hold. What will happen to my orange walls when I'm gone? Will they stay the same?
The clouds are crumbling, dissolving, fallin' apart. Fallin' down,                     down. Bounce      off the birds, the planes,      it's super hard to see where they trace,
It is as an old photograph, fading with every second
One, Two, Three, Dream with me.   One, Two, Three, Sleep with me.
Tonight existed an icy one, nothing occurred truly stature absent; we clashed at the crowning of the peek witnessing for the yesterday's mantle without a real sense of direction.  
You've gotten fingerprints, All over my favorite movies and songs
A Life Interrupted Darkness falls upon my thoughts And yet I cannot sleep My mind so full of shadows Reaching in the deep
The sky is a dark blue as she writes by the lake The wind whispers sweet comfort in her ears As it blows her dark hair out of her teary eyes She is pouring out her emotions onto paper
Tears always seem to threaten me,
life is not perfect, now isn't this true and believe it or not neither am I or you but perfection is not everyones dream friendship and love will mend a tear in beautys seam
The jar s
I close my eyes in a lonely place.All I see is your lovely face.I open them and think aback,Through memories both white and black.But I saw your face in every hue,Each shades of them were stuck like glue.
  This ashtray is all astray
I sat in the pale green light nearly disappearing into myself.
January 24, 2010 at 12:24am Maybe I will come back in May Hopefully I will know where to stay...
The August air is warm, thick, simmering, Stained with blood lost. Torn tendons pound, hollow and rusty, Echoing and reflecting off the chestnut siding, As one lacking in words but always craving attention.
Too many memorial days, too little remembering  I forget what my first word was  Even though my mom screamed with excitement I don't remember when I learned to walk but I know I'm good at it
Slow motion it's what it looks like to live in a life full of music music in my vains, music in my ears, music in the rain, and in the warm summer wind. Only do I feel like my life is a movie, not only a movie no, 
Get a grip and forget. If you keep focusing on things of the past you may miss out on wonderful things that may present thethemselvesmselves in the present and/or future! Learn to move on.....
Whenever the scent of chili pepper enters my nostrils, my mouth waters like a pavlovian dog. I know I will chew silently, joyfully, and voraciously   on soft grained rice smothered with dripping
With smiles all around, the atmosphere is of delight,  
I remember every time I walked by this house my
I used love as a compass but it ended up using me taking so much that I lost everything   my fingers still try to read palms searching for your pattern empty-handed attempts to right all wrongs
    When I was a child I heard a voice It was soft and low, maybe an evil tone At the time, how was I supposed to know?  When I was a child I played with shadows
There is a white scar on my forehead
Before I was born, everything was okay, 
  She pushed in the knob and turned up the volume.  Her heart recognized the first sound and latched on before her ears caught up.  In that moment, in that space of pure recognition
Do not look for me underneath your feet when the trees have changed  their outline against the wavering sun, or the snow has blanketed the earth into eternal slumber.
Caught off gaurd her laugh made me stop, and pause, sadness surfaced from deep within my chest, slowly I turned to look, dissapointed I didn't find you there, I carried on  
I hide inside myself in some secret waiting place far away, close beside, listening to songs I remember of you.   No one goes or knows or maybe even cares,
     The memories burn bright, illuminating my soul and keeping me up in the night. Your boisterous yet inspiriting voice dances around in my mind by choice.
Once a lie, always a lie though you may not grieve. It may fade and drain away, but will never truely leave. And true the world might forget, but there are those who know.
Nostalgia hit me like a wave of nausea And it ain't goin' away So I thought I'd call just to remind ya Of the good old days Don't you miss 'em, oh I really miss 'em I really miss you, too  
I gaze into the mirror, wait that isn't me Someone else is looking back at me An eldery man, clean shaven with striking brown eyes I then realize, they are mine. Sunken cheekbones of slow death
Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she s
We were walking through the halls us, the people who didn't fool around and fall us, the kids who looked  out for one another  so we could be there when one got into a brawl 
It may not actually be a jar, Nor does it contain almonds anymore, But instead it holds notes from old friends: Memories immortalized onto scrap pieces of paper.  
     Finding Wings   I met you when I was scared, when I felt lost and alone, But you helped me learn, and now that I’ve grown,
These halls will be empty, far sooner than we think.
“Perhaps this is the end of the line.”
You're like a faded memory, A distant dream, A long lost needle in the hay. I remember when you were my world. My everything, The rock beneath my feet. But,
I feel I am still asleep as I walk these white washed halls, wishing the summer I could keep, wishing I wasn't here at all.   With summer's end brings the books, the homework, the restless nights,
I accept the things I cannot change because the past will forever be the same my mistake are meant to remain
Time seems fluid.            You and I are just floating through. Time stretches on and on,             Until the day has ended               And the darkness is surrounding. The rising sun
I am happy to be angry so I smile Yea I was angry, cause my dad left my mom.
She is ready to start over  Ready for a new day
Teardrops can stain a surfaceTeardrops can destroy a work of artTeardrops can destroy makeupTeardrops are their own silent stormIf only people cared as much for teardropsAs they did for storms
Do you ever have that dream that doesn't let you sleep?Leaves red marks in your eyes,And a bad taste on your teeth?But, for some reason, no one understands
She was the glass she held in her hand. Smooth and strong, calm and contained like the like the liquid in the glass. Then, life caught her off guard and she let the glass slip.
That's a start - in the room of my heart. My thoughts do not contain certitude, For there stands before me a physical facsimile Of you. Except lacking your attitude. Your timorous tone, You threw,
All I remember from old days, Is crying so hard, must’ve been a phase, I couldn’t see, I saw from different eyes, I was so little, why didn’t they just let me be? Them being mean wasn’t a surprise.
Dad and some kids, shouldn’t it be okay? Dad was supportive….well he will be someday. Sometimes he came home, most days we were alone, But we hid when he came, we hid in shame.
I was just old enough to Tie my shoe, When my dad could hardly wait, To teach me how to ice skate.   He wrapped my sister and I, In coats to keep us dry. And packed us in the car
It’s been a long time without you, This leaf burning season is always so hard, I have so many memories I want to relive But I won’t hold back or leave my heart guarded.
when you smile, i smile. We smile together. my favoite is to wach you smile. i love to hear you laugh, i adore when We do it together   i love being the cause of your smile i work to draw it out
Goodbyes are the hardest things...
Sometimes I find myself remembering; I try to keep myself from living in the past, but even though time has pass, my feet still fit the prints I left along the trails of yesterday, I cannot help but to become nostalgic.
You have shaped me, to who I am now, This is your wanted reward. You have succeeded your one solemn vow, And with your presence, bliss has soared.
A Light To Share: (A poem by me)
School, with that one word you see people cringe, And during school you see people become unhinged. But, I'm here to tell you about the amazement of school and how not to be a tool. School is full of memories
I lie in my bed, And I can't help but think Of all the things That have happened To me. Some good, Some bad, But all of them are memories, Ones that I made. All the smiles,
Memories.   From the beginning of time to this very moment of your life with all the friends you’ve made to all the enemies that came your way.   Memories.  
Was walking down the hall It was just the other day Caught a whiff of something there What it was, I couldn’t say But when I held my breath in And didn’t take another 
I met a friend On the bus Years ago We were two years Apart but that mattered no He was the most Kind person I had met Outside junior High and summer Camp  
This unforgettable reminiscence haunts her daily, why can't IT let her be? Don't they know that it wounds within the spirit and mind?
Touch is a memory Just as memory is a touch   It haunts me in my dreams Promising gentle love   The baby's soft skin Your light fingers  
My bleeding heart is now a river,
An Arizona Moon   The moonlight that replaced the gleaming of the sun And cast its reflection over the dark, sullen landscape
I thought about what it would be like Without you. I thought about how that would change me For flowers bloom and trees root With the beckoning of spring, And the chills of winter
I found your pictures on my closet floor The only way of knowing you were here before And I no longer get waves of tears anymore
Those who don’t have Insomnia Will never truly know what it’s like It’s like never being tired It’s like being tired but not being able to sleep It’s a blessing and a curse You sit awake all night
The legend of the koi fish goes that if the koi fish swims up the waterfall  it one day it will become a dragon.    Since I was little,
Breath in that light summer breeze.
I'm my own mind,thoughts, and process Creating thoeries from my past Asking why did I turn out the way I am Thinking sullenly like the dark clouds in the sky
Close my eyes Remember the days Innocence Was like golden rays   All the years Our friendship was bright Nowadays It's bright as the night   Close my eyes  
I am from the cicadas of hot humid summers
we are full of stories to tell memories we store and dreams that we sell soon they fade from view sadly they dry as the morning dew ignorant of a dream's worth or a lesson to which  memory gave birth
If only I could turn back time, I'd go back to when you were mine. If only it were that simple. Even then you didn't belong to me, But I believed in the possibility. There was a chance,
I will remember these nights like the tide remembers to kiss the shoreline--
We met by chance one wild Halloween night Dancing and drinking in a friend's garage Thought you were cute, but sparks didn't fly Something else was meant for you and I  
Miles and miles and miles to go These last few weeks have been quite the show.   Just a lost girl trying to escape  Lost in the world the size of a grape.   
So Many Months Past And The Weather Changed A Lot. Never Really Counted The Days  That We'd Been Apart. I Guess Chasing Fairytales Can Only Last For So Long..
Born to a home I don't belong, Where nothing is right and everything's wrong. An alcoholic mistake is what I am; One Summer Hummer too many, I was not part of the plan.  
Mom as I write this I must thank you for gifting me life. Now I'm repaying you in the love I got for you. My endearment for you is the purest I respect you to the fullest. You enlightened me when I was clueless.
A carton of cherry-limeade, and a package of Reese’s–short one cup – Lets go sit on a train and collect rust with our a**es. Chase me up the driveway at zombie pace Tickle me till I’m blue
ByeBy her sideYes that's rightWhere you said you were going beWhere you’re supposed to be...Where are you now...You’re her parentsThe ones that are supposed to love her
I wanted to regurgitate at the very sight of her I wanted to scream into the abandend night I wanted to pound my fists onto the table as I strained my eyes at the very sight
Too many nights my mind wanders travelling to where my lost possessions are now. Ordinary belongings. A blue hoodie. Hairties. Pencils and pens. Then instead of wandering to unknown destinations,
The beginningThe beginning of my failure; where I come up short before that bar that says I’m strong  enough to be called a man.I saw her face and my heart raced as I stood in place and stared at her for a while
I could never understand a mothers reason for leaving her child behind. But i guess it wasn't our season. I hope when we meet again mom and I hope when you hug me, I turn five in your arms all over again. 
A piece of meat cornered by beasts, lured into the trap, and now you're their feast. They don't kill you, but eat you alive. They like it better when you fight.
I need to move into the city somewhere I've never been somewhere where there aren't  memories of him. Because the loneliness in well known places the silence with familiar faces
Lying awake, I stare at the ceiling, Wondering if I'll ever regain any feeling.
Memories can be amazing and sometimes horrible. 
Silver ribbon Assiniboinea sash for a city--a ceinture fléchéetied into the Red just off Highway 1          You leak into the topsoil           in the place you call home          and come back up a street map
None of it feels real but rather surreal 
Take a look and see, 
 i can feel his gaze on the back of my neck his emotionless eyes burning holes through my back i like to think he is filled with guilt and remorse that his daughter has given up on him
I am a bastored child. One Who's spirit is broken, while His imagination runs wild. I do not know my father, he is a stranger who never seemed to bother. I have no knowledge of the character of the man
While growing up, during my toddler years, mom saw so many emotions through her rearview mirror. We spent so many days in the car going from place to place.
I'll be fine on my own And your words break my fragile bones. I'm done with the negativity,
       Trapped inside your own mind, wanting to die but your body is willing you alive. You know you need sleep, but even if you get a wink, you know your mind and the memories that creep.
  The first thing I ever learned from her is that when she says she doesn't care, she's really lying through her teeth. 
Depression filled her mind completely, With thoughts she did not wish to think, Thoughts of the past, the pain, the suffering Imprinted on her brain like ink.  
I was little when she would park the car school-side Speaking to me like I understood
The only memory I havent yet blocked from my mind
smell is a
Slip slowly past the run down bar Past the street of collector cars To the place where the painted bench sits To the house where I lived   There’s the street that I ran down
Slip slowly past the run down bar Past the street of collector cars To the place where the painted bench sits To the house where I lived   There’s the street that I ran down
I remember growing old right here Sitting on the porch in the late fall air As all around me yellow leaves twirled To the ground And I can feel the autumn breeze With it’s chill and knobbly knees
I hear the rain and I remember Counting thunder strikes Dancing barefoot in the gutters and Being forced to come inside. Hiding curled under covers Scared of lights and passing cars
Focus. Stop. Think. Escape. The World fades. I implode. A sensory overload, only within the mind The place where privacy is unconditional No cost; not a dime My sweet escape
They come in a mighty wave, Their engulfing power, Comes in a cascade, Like water falling fast.   They are glaciers, Moving, but very still, Sometimes cold, And they leave us chills.
Memories keep you alive 
Remind you that you can feel 
 Remind you that you have lived  Memories sustain you 
 Reminds you of the things lost
 Reminds you of those who matter
Here's one from several months back:   Weighed down by the mistakes of my past A pebble, a rock, a mountain on my shoulders At first I ran, regrets like quicksand sucking at my feet
"What's wrong?"
-what does it mean to love something so strong? -dont you see? -when love is there the pain is gone -and I just cant believe, that you.... -are not here with me... -but its ok...
I reach into the shadows and my hand touches your face, Every single line of yours my fingers pretend to trace, I wonder - could this torture last forever? My love, I'm seeking you in shadows,
Miss me like small wishes that never met the skys because hands were too small to deliver minds and hearts felt. Miss me like prayers that didn't reach the heavens because eyes got heavy and pillows caught heads.
Creaking doors; blackened tombs Scarlet robes fill the empty tombs. It's almost beautiful, Don't you think?
I wrote a poem for my mom but she didn't read it.  I receited it to my father but he couldn't hear it because he was talking louder. Then I showed it so my sister whose nose was so high in the air she couldn't see it.  
She stands outside; the sun's to her back; Her shadow keeps her from being alone. It's an autumn day, the sky is blue, It dawns on her how time has flown.   
All persons must go their own ways, All people must do their own thing. For we can not predict or hope, To follow the path of the winds. They will twist and turn you inside out, Like the tides of the Tempest's sea.
Oh where has the time gone? The days have flown by   We had times of joy- We laughed together And we had fun   We had times of sorrow- We cried together 
I can’t help but wonder when the birds fly above do they see the mess we’ve made?A place for nesting hard to find because the humans own it all.
Children’s bikes laid in the grass, Skateboards scattered in the streets, Play sets empty but not broken ,Swimming pools filled with smiles ,Barbecue smells wafting into
how much you're precious to us 
it's starting to scare me
I want you so much it physically hurts. 
Can't sit back and wallow  on a past mistake But I can't fake the regret and anguish I feel when I look back on the past Which is why I can't heal I'm just human, I'm only a kid...
People I trust and depend on  The family on the outside
Close your eyes, Go to sleep,                 Dream of us- As deep drums                 Mark the beginning.   Ravenous human shadows Singing brutal blood-stained
memories handsome street
I lost that timeworn, white gold wedding band, the one that represented a broken purity that we as humans have destroyed. I lost my stern father’s posh shutter lens FujiFilm and for a while we lost track of time between then and now.
There is a world yes where a mouse can talk and ride a floating carpet
It is the dead of winter, and from the kitchen window, The oldest child watches her siblings play and tackle each other in the snow.
When I'm lonely like this I am missing you dear I thinnk of your face, but you dont miss me, thats clear   You made this fool's gold  feel like diamonds but now I'm a fool in the cold
I took a journey, Through time and space, Didn’t know what I was looking for, But amazed by what I found… I ended up in a familiar place.
High School, Not The End But The 13eginning   I remember
Don't want to forget the memories, but like the stars as they grow old, millions of years afar, they're disappearing, slowly, one by one.
On the late November wind
Memories Seep through the cracks  of our memories (and more memories and more memories) Then we charge a karma credit card at the store that buys our memories to keep them; own them.  
There's a rule my mother lives by, a sort of moral code: "Never put anyone before your mother." This is because your mother is always there for you. Your mothers is the reason you're alive.
i’ll tear your touch right off my skin, wipe your kiss off of my lips, blink away all sights of you, rip every little
Losing you wasn't a part of the plan... It's hard being me but god didnt plan to make it easy.
Bad luck drowns my sorrow in a
The sky Drowns the world In silent sorrows Of its own.   Oversized droplets  Create a harmony Of misunderstood Memories.   Like the raindrops
I'm on the airport and they put on Thor 2.  And as I looked up and watched it,  I thought so much of you.  I look to the right and instead of you I see my mother.  And I remember your smile so perfectly. 
We've spent some time Together And ev'ry storm We weathered But now we must go Our own way But hear-hear me out When I say   We are timeless We never die
My dream is to be a animator  Not just any digital design animator  No, That is to wide of a goal I am for smaller more difficult Disney animator  That is what I want to be 
As I walk down the street I here the vibration of the feet The feet of the enemy The enemy that's killing me killing me constantly as the world reminds me of thee
It had been only once. She had been much younger. Much more foolish. Her heart desired him, And, for a few short hours, His heart wanted her. The moment ended And both went away.
haunting images scattered on the floor. the cold, dirty floor. memories burning
You told me I was your mistake The kid you wish you didnt make I am not the love child
At first I thought that I was the only one It felt as if a part of me were gone And I did not know why So at nights all I did was cry   What was the cause? After so long why now?
I live in a fantasy, so it seems so it seems, I live in a fantasy it seems. I live in a gold home of silver it gleams, and I've built it from the clay of my dreams.   
The thing about summer Is the sky that turns so blue That even the purest Most iridescent gem Cannot match the depth of color   And the thing about summer Is the sound of leaves
Presently, I'm treading water In a sea of memories trying Their best to rush over me; Like music infiltrates the ears of the listener. That simple, that quick, That easy to lose yourself and get
There's not a day that goes by, a minute that passes. That you're not on my mind. I think about you all the time. I wonder how you're doing. What you're doing. Who you're with. Everyday.
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
there was a time when i sat in her kitchen. i ate cookie dough straight out of the bowl. and She did too i explored every topic of conversation. and at the end of the night,
I had the attitude of the Mariner, the golden hair of the Human Torch, and my abs were covered by Indiana Jones' shirt. I was the opposite of a cur. I was dreaming.
Have you ever fallen in love with a simple routine? Waking up to the warm glow of the sun, Slipping out of bed with a whisper and a yawn, Feet touching the lovely cool floor.   It’s such a simple act,
  Often i think that my
When you start off young you see yourselfan astronaut among the starsor driving in all the fancy cars. You never know what mess you’ll get in
"Too much of a good thing is bad for you" they say... But I don't really pay attention to them anyways   I stare into your eyes, Notice the nice deep brown within them. Reminding me of a time 
It’s 1:58am and my thoughts are of you. Whilst the rain falls heavily, I imagine the feel of your hot breath on my neck,
  let me in. show me around your heart. let me in. ill mend every scar.
I remember the day, Back when it was all games, Back when nothing was gray And all you had to learn were names.   The years went by, The classes got harder.
i once taught your fingertips  the formation of  guitar chords like  E minor and G 
As I look at my life right now, I see ridges and bumps, I see valleys and hills and rivers that I haven'
I am a blink in history. My life will be short. I can choose: Will I be someone remembered for my love, or for my hatred? Though I may not remembered for very long,
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
There’s a faded, torn pictureMy grandma lovingly tapedOf the day she stood in front of old AbeAnd with thousands of othersCheered for a dreamA dream full of hopeThat we wouldn’t see
I love you.
it takes just a second of familiarity
Feeling alive,
  Telling me how dear I am to your heart. You sing to me so sweetly.  Calming my fears of the monsters in my room. Your freshly manicured nails, brushing against my back.
  Telling me how dear I am to your heart. You sing to me so sweetly.  Calming my fears of the monsters in my room. Your freshly manicured nails, brushing against my back.
I own these things;these things I bore,yet left me for deadI own these things.No ones name but mine engraved.No one to blame, but me to blame.Everlasting, unforgiven, unchanging.
I use to remember you That way you move your hair from your face it strikes me down with nostalgia Like being struck with the badge of honor from an epiphany  
Remember the first time we were alone together? You pretended to forget it was Valentine's Day and I pretended I was okay with being alone. That night I knew, I'd rather be with you.
You asked me what I wanted.I didn’t know what you wanted to hear,So I looked at other people’s poems.And I realized that what I want is, essentially, the same as themTo be heard.   
Back home I spent a lot of time in the rain.I spent hours walking around my neighborhoodNot in light sprinklings or simple showers,but in the heavy downpours that punctuated my childhood.
      I am too young to miss my childhood.
And some were expected to show, But their love was unsure. We crossed over the river, And there was no tension; It was a day in the life. The absence was a dividing wall,
The memories that come near us, Both good and bad, All of them eventually coming to an end, But never forgetting a single one. Both good and bad, Wishing you could re-live some and re-do others,
Do you remember The first day we met? Complete strangers, but you always smiled at me. Do you remember How close we became on the first week? You always told me jokes and made me laugh.  
Tomatoes remind me of Grandpa I ate my first tomato when I was five. ...I thought it was an apple Imagine my surprise as I looked up at Grandpa, His face scruching up into his half smile.
Life is a dayOf a thousand hoursA million secondsA millennia's worthOf cool breezes and breathsThat escape past our lipsIn smiles and sighs and laughsDrawn unsuspecting from our souls
There is always a path less traveled
I have memories attached to curves in the  road, moments encapsulated by  long strentches of highway. They return briefly to existence as I travel them; anxiety trembling in
Here lies Lenore, in eternal slumber Living no more, forever encumbered My sweet love, fueling my emotions Beauty of a dove, like a thousand oceans
Tears are the cure to sadness,
Memories are they good or bad? We always say one has to make memories. Going out with our friends. Late nights doing things that we can't remember with the people that we won't forget.
If you were to visit my elementary school playground between my 3rd and 6th grade years you could find a
Her eyes start to lose its kindered shine,
Theres been this change in the air;Gradual-yes
Barefoot and defiant.
If,   I had only awakened only to see the one I have been so desperately and passionately Been waiting to embrace, To let known as it has always seen Not as it has always been perceived
Childhood is innocence. The time when there is no choice But to accept any situation that faces you.
What we had lives only in memories in my heart in my soul, in my mind.What we had is gone,gone,echoed only in our shadows.Gone from the light
People come in and out of our lives everyday
Trembling hands and bloodshot eyes Slowly, their hands drift from one another “This isn’t really happening!” she cries.
I remember him
I’m so tired 
When i look into your eyes It brightens my day When I see your smile My heart become warm like the month of may We move on with our lifes  But memories never fade away
That you wouldn't cross my mind in the silence. Even without any intention you creep into my head.   I wish it was easy to forget you. To forget everything we've been through.
Dreams and memories fuse together,
They say that when you experience something traumatic your mind can block it out to protect you. What if all of those missing memories  from my childhood,  and teenage years,
The seconds of silence that took place after saying it for the first time felt like an eternity Like time and everything around us froze in that instant
Remember when we were young,Remember the faces of friends, of foes,     the faces long gone.Remember what was once known,Remember Spring in the sun,   in the rain, in the light, in the shadows.
A walk down the open dirt road An adventure that’s never been told The sun is already at its peak   Gracing the surface of my cheeks, Rays seeping deeply into my pores, receiving the vitamin D
some days we are both ghosts,for we see unlike trees.the earth falls asleepand still I spin the globeblue and grey-greenflickers of light and shadowlike a stargazer trappedin life.
They say write to my hearts consent, or to my thoughts represent, a image or a goal, or till I host a flag on a pole, by which am I writing because it is written, or am I writing because I am different, I see myself as my world but I'm on one, an
There is something wrong with my insides They are too still, too silent The wind blows and my brain tries to compensate so it has become my skin, my shield it complains jesus it's cold
There is something wrong with my insides They are too still, too silent The wind blows and my brain tries to compensate so it has become my skin, my shield it complains jesus it's cold
The cup is empty, so i fill it; to the brim, to the top, on the verge of overflow; As full as possible, yet still room for more; almost too much, yet never enough;
Some days there are people and moments that you just really miss. My indententation for my poems don't work so you'll just have to read it in paragraph style. What is it that you really miss?
Why does the word “hurt” hurt her a lot?
Black atmosphere, purple park on fire my flesh desired Black spiked hair with a bruised face stepping, grass crunching, heart race
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
There is a little girlcrying out for her fatherlittle does she knowdaddy doesn't want to be botheredShe cries her tearsnot at all silent
I wish I would of known this before, to save myself from your door. But we all have lessons to learn, even if we get a minor burn. Like Martin Luther King, I gave you my rights and everything.
Sometimes I just lay on my bedThoughts and memories swarming in my head.I try to remember the good times I've hadBut they somehow slip away, always making me mad.
What a difference between night and day.
Return to Me We met at the auction block,  I dressed in chains, you in your prime.  Again we met when the snowdrop came to bloom It was in the cotton fields you took my hands 
The letter S caresses the chest, Kryptonite is your Achilles heel, You fly through the sky always lending a helping hand. While the name may be mythical, The idea is purely realistic.
If blessed are the forgetful, then what of those who remember? I seem to never forget even the most painful details, Every word, face, smell and feeling Linger in my mind just waiting to come back.
I dream of bleeding in front of your eyes, But I must compromise. I'm dying to overdose from the red that once covered the bed, Now only in my head, Slowly becoming a whiter shade of pale as my heart beats,
Round and colorful, they play with me I blow them little, big, they are funny They dance in a big open space Some like to pop in my face Until all that's left are three
You and me, We had amazing memories, Staying up listening to Miley, Talking about our parties.   Blaring out to your music, Singing to the lyrics we know, You yelling at me to choose it,
I look out the window at the quiet absence, In the stillness of a dull summer night, I smell the chlorine in my hair as I bite its frail ends. Its sunny color washed out by the moonlight,
  Such a lonely ghost with a sad awakened soul Such a depressed man with a bottle of vodka in hand Vodka is see through
Sitting in silence turning this daymomments sweep by, memories stray. the beauty of change is that in the mind,even the sweetest momments go bye. So dont hold on to memories they arnt stillthey are simply important if you give them the will.let th
Today I look back on what my life once was. The pain and heart break I endeavored.
I'm doing better She says she hears it In the sound of my voice And I wonder if she hears You in there too   The worst thing you can say
I remember the city I used to call home,
I have driven many miles with you in my passenger seat Your blue eyes shimmering in the hot sunlight My hand rests in yours My eyes flicker to the edge of my pink rimmed Ray Bans, to glance at the beautiful sight
Its come to a point where i dont write poems for myself anymore But instead i write poems so i can hang onto what we used to be Im hoping one day you happen to stumble across one and maybe itll take you back
I remember that first day, even though it was many years ago. I was only three years old, but those three years had been amazing. However, they would never compare to the next fourteen.
An applicative memory draped limply on a coat hanger Wrap it around my shoulders and move on I forget it’s there until I remember When no other words are processing I remember.
I need money, and i say this with all seriousness. I need money, I am alone in this world I have no home in this world will i beg, no, but i will ask, please give me a dollar,  will you give no, because you assume.
Sometimes we threw punches, Both verbal and with our fist, Though the bruises left over, Whether on our ego or on our face,
  As i stared out into the ocean, my feet covered by the sand, my rope-twisted hair danced gently in the breeze. Then I remembered how this beautiful expanse of royal blue and green had been....  
Blond, blue eyed beauty, Your hair sparkles in the sun, Like fairy dust to wings,   You walk, Eyes watch, Hearts of boys all skip a beat, Your heart as pure as gold.  
You only write once, so make it count. Don't write about stuff that doesn't make sense- potato, hibiscus, puppies, gold. Don't write about embarassing times- I hit my foot on the chair in front of my crush.
Come with me, get lost in a place we've never known.Hide in the thick forest where only shadows are shown.Feel the gentle breeze go through everything around.Listen to the music, listen to the sound.Climb a tree that feels and looks like it will n
My heart says I'm happy, my head says I'm not.With the stress I've been given, my brain has been shot.My head and my heart speak in two different ways.One's speaking in logic, one's lost in a daze.There's memories left that you had without me.Ones
Watching you from above. Through your worst  and your happiest times. Bursting with pride and hope. But have you forgotten what I have done? Have you forgotten my sacrifice?
  Big metal birds, Fly high in the sky, “What are they?” Those metal birds so high.   “Planes,” But how?
Sometimes we dream so much that we lose touch on our reality. The lines between what we desire and what we need blurs. It's sad if you think about, the fact that what we dream isn't always reality. Our dreams transcend us into another world.
Kindly turn and walk away, Abandoned thoughts have gone astray. Images allude feelings once had, Timid eyes have now gone bad. Looming clouds that hang overhead, Yerk the soul about things unsaid.
I dried a rose not to watch it die but to preserve the memories it holds i dried a rose not to watch it die but to keep your heart close to mine
I say I've moved on, Yet in the back of my mind, You'll always be there, And we'll be together, In our happiest moments.   But then again, these are only memories;  
He was special, He was my first kiss, He was my best friend, I wish I could see him again.
  It starts with a look, a gentle embrace A feeling of comfort as they sit face to face Her hand on his cheek, and his in her hair An arm across her back, just holding her there.  
You were going to leave But I said no I begged and I pleaded I hope you wouldn't go You looked down upon me A smile upon your face With my arm in yours You took your place
Memories come always, Clouding my thoughts. I remember all the times we had. We never thought once of the future,  And that is where we're wrong. Now I have what I always wanted,
Season Warm air Splashing, running, chilling Not a worry in the world Summer
This child jumping around with a smile on her face, naked. Not only is she naked of clothes but naked of the harshness of reality.
You’ll draw a picture A picture with a twist I’ll use a razor I’ll draw that picture in my wrist ………………………………………………..
This is my Race From the starting line to the finish line I do not run for anyone but me Runnning is my life My stress revealer When I hear that gun shot My heart pounds non-stop
I've forever my thoughts, but be that it not What a shame it would be, for my memories to rot.   Coupled with gladness and depth of despair This is my story, it's all I've to share.  
Her hands were balled tight. I saw the tendons stretch around her white knuckles. She saw me looking, which exaggerated her anger. How could I be observing At a time like this?   Two days passed
sleeping with my mother in her wide bed, the cold windows shed blue radiance over our form. her sturdy arms were flung over me; here i was safe, comfortable like in a velvet cage.  
Sometimes I think, "What might've been...?" And on these fancy flights is when My brain will start to hurt and ache As I recall each last mistake And all the who's and when's and how
The scent of vanilla In my hair; Dancing across my body; The cinnamon taste On my tongue When he kisses me; The burnt feeling In his chest when He looks into my  Warm eyes;
Clouds letting loose with cool rain A rhythm of a favorite song vibrating in saddened eardrums Here I sit and ponder If we could have made it work Words unsaid sting my throat
 if i could have a starry night, i would. if i could have a chance to breath the misty air, i would. if i could dance along the darken path, i would. the stars are my light and the fireflies are my guide.
I want to love you, but I feel like we rushed. Two months went too quickly. It left me thinking, "Is this lust?" You said it was more, and with me you did agree, and getting "us" back
Get up, run, shower, school is in an hour. Wait... No! My clock is slow. Sh*t. I'm screwed. I gotta go.  Throw powder on my face, hope my mascara is in place, grab my keys, sprint out the door,
i am not perfect perfect is far from my reach i have not always lived to the expectations you had for me but i am something. i have something to show for all of this.
I am writing this poem to get a scholarship, you guys have some extra cash and I need a lot of it.
If only we had just a little bit more time together, If only we had some time to be free. We wouldn't have to run away and hide and steal time together, We could've made memories, fated to be.
Old crumpled up paperAll the old letters,which collect dust in the boxThe box under the bed that I no longer look inThe one full of old memoriesThe memories that don’t seem to be anything anymoreThe old photos,Pictures of people I used to know,Fac
The time has come for us to leave A time to celebrate our victory, Our time together, both good and bad Times of laughter or boredom, Of shame, love, and envy This chapter of life is coming to an end
Do you remember when we first met?  It’s okay.  I don’t either.
Hope is a knife, faith is murder. She cries out to you, but you haven't heard her, because the truth is you don't care, and deep down she knows, but her hope is just the thorns on a wilted rose.
The night creeps up and it stings because it reminds me of the things that we used to mutter and sigh, laugh and cry to each other.   The daylight shines out our pain, Oh, but the night, 
When you say "Goodbye, I love you," I just wanna take you away  and show you a better place than the dashboard and the faces people make.  
She paused beside the coffin as a tear ran down her face.She gently touched-then held a hand; it's lines she softly traced.The same hand her father had once held upon a bended knee,as he nervously had asked the girl, “Will you marry me?”The touchi
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
I avert my gaze contemplative and serene we think the same thoughts memories come crashing back fake civility in hand.
She doesn't like the rain It washes up what once was sunk Dodging drops, all in vain No, she doesn't like this rain The shore littered with memories, pain She buries them in sand, Grains of Time
I’d treat you like a queen, but what does it mean? Not a thing, cause I’m new, and you want the old You tell me nothing even matters, you lie to me Warmth of your touch… yes, your lie's so bold
Seeing the sun-set and rise everyday Reminds me of your unforetold absence Every morning I ask for your penance
Listening to the music, While tears stream down my face; Is just another day. I tell myself that tomorrow will be better? But I know the truth. Nothing will change. Who was I kidding?
At 3:27 laughter Barrels from the cave of his throat Three times before I can finish my sentence This is the way strangers should always make love Teeth glistening in heat Mouths parted
wasting time watching the sun set into a blood red sky feel the dry atmosphere take my life   saving (G)grace taking the time to drive out my fears and shame
breathe. in...out... in...out... the calm rhythm of my day undistrubed.   trigger. sharply inhale.  remember.  "no..." push it aside... "focus."
Bulletin boars,something to hold pictures,of friends and boyfriendsbut what happens ifthe bulletin board is empty?To a girl who loses her friendsand has a brutal heart brake,pictures are reminders,
I used to think love at first sight was just a myth but then I saw you and I changed my mind I've loved you since the moment we met I still can't forget the first time you smiled at me
  Remember when you first rode your bike, Or the first person that you liked, Those are memories.   Remember your first night all alone, That night when no one else was home, That’s a memory.
I lost my grandpa,  one of my precious people,  the one who praised me,  raised me,  and also taught me many lessons of life.   It's been two months without him,  living in agony without 
tomorrow i will be sad again. did you know? tomorrow i will be fulled with sorrow because there is no more me and you. do you know? tomorrow i will cry and you will not know. tomorrow though that will be my last tear.
Loving a convict is hard they say staying withen here is a price to pay its loving her with no one to hold while being young and seeing old its letting her write her love for you you write her back
Are you the gentle breeze?Are you the soft-spoken whisper?The one that rustles through the trees?Which only makes the silence more crisper?Are you resting up above?Are you the one walking through dreams?
Oh how I'll never forget when... I was just in the 1st grade then.   The bus driver had assigned me a seat That is when we would finally meet.   You use to tease me everyday
The sun falls across your faceCasting your eyes to the gold of Summer's last daysSomehow, by God's good graceI knew you for a while and will remember you always
You're still here After all these years In shadows dancing in the dark Those pictures framed up on the wall In distant echoes of a day That long slipped into past.
(abba, abba, abab, abab, abba) Written, spoken, remembered, and heard, stories have powers; to form past hours with each and every word.   Stories are told, and memories are made
Once a girl was happy, light, and loved. She was white and beautiful and shown like a dove. she never did anything wrong, only did what was right. she learned it’s not okay to be colorful here, only white.
The autumn leaf; it drifts alongOne last remnant of days bygoneIt floats and it drifts, a twirl as it weavesIt cannot be bothered; shall do as it meansA memory to visit and, meandering, mourn
Yesterday is gone my dear friend, it has already come to an end. With all its blunders and its tears, follies,defeats and other fears.   The endless tears you may have wept,
  One bloody petal falls then two Staining a white snowfall that blew Forgive me even though I cannot become pure like the snow   I told one lie and then came two I became weak and then I flew
I always wonderedwhich hurt more: To forget or to be forgotten I used to thinkthat being forgotten hurt more thanto forget
Why is life so empty right now? Is it  just me or is anyone else feeling down? I am trying to be sane but is sane really what I want? It's like every time I smile the memories flee back to haunt..
My eyelids are conflicted, Of course they hope to reunite for some odd hours, But they cannot until they finish writing this story, ours. Months have passed since someone kept me awake more than espresso.
Your spirit lives in a red room. And I am the host of a ghost. The doom that looms Making its house a tomb   Your spirit runs through my veins Feeds into my brain Plays the regret, the shame
As a child I used to write haikus Back when we all would clap the syllables out. They were plain, and most ended up like this: I saw lightening It was scary and bright yellow It boomed all night long
Love is a complex thing. It does not always end as you wish it would. Sometimes the person that you love does not feel the same fire.
(I don't know why the ending got all jumbled up, sorry.)   You can't undo this You can't get back what you've lost You can't erase the past You can't redeem yourself  
Hidden deep underneath Sheets of paper from the past Intermingled with artifacts A time not so ancient But twice forgotten Is eternally retold.   Closing my eyes, I think
Its something we have to come to terms with We see it face to face day by day But we dont realize it becasue until we have completed the maze that has us going a new way.
Falling from the heavens Shining bright as he goes He leaves a trail behind him, Left for others to follow   Do not try to catch him Let his last wish come true He'll go in a blaze of glory
There was a place and timeDon't ever go back to thenIt is just filled of memoriesAnd sadnessOf people who don'tRemember you, andPeople whom you wish to forgetYou've visited your past
  The summer, 2010 is when you started and I predicted and END   not an end of you or an end of Me but an end between   between you and your drug
I miss your voice   and you're gentle touch:   things I dwell upon   all the many hours,   but now you're gone   and I am left
The woman stood in front of the table,  her sad hands holding his flag. It's days like this that when she can't cope. She can't seem to forget the day they called, informing her of his death in battle.
She’d still be alive. He wouldnt be at Harborview…. She’d be smiling, laughing… Making those ridiculous weed mustaches. If I could change their minds, Tianna would be breathing, alive, healthy, safe, beautiful.
Sometimes life likes to screw you overWhy can't we just live and let live?Horrible parents, a cheating loverEveryone takes what you have to give
The Cold Has Come And GoneYet Some, Stay FrozenWhether It Be a State of Bliss Or SorrowTis There they Will StayNever Moving, Never ChangingForever Trapped Within themselvesWithin Their pain
I don't remember how I met my best friend, but I remember That Day.  I don't remember how I felt when the lungs embedded in my grandpa turned to ash like the poison sticks he smoked, but I remember That Day. 
she will hang your posters all around her room. (like i hung our pictures.) she will listen to your songs, louder than her father would like. (i will listen only when my husband doesn't know.)
Laughter and fun, Days in the Sun. Times aplenty, Back when we were many. Now we're down to two. All that's left is me and you. Forget the others. There's nothing left,
The sulky piano speaks its sad song. Its tears spill out as minor cords. Its black and white dressing shows no color, But its slow song brings happiness To creatures close enough to hear. And that’s all it needs
So here we are Wishing on a fallen star   Hoping to amend what once was Lost now in the deep   Ocean lighting up the sky Glowing like a firefly   Waiting to pass into the...
I write to remember...
In early morning, late at night,  In the car On the road Reading papers, lighting matches It hits like cold air to the back of 
So many faults I can point out to be true  But will that proclaim the true person in you? People are windows that you can see through, People are mirrors that show the untrue. Everything that I had to be used to 
im on play, watching everything move in a reverse. who said rewind was good? mistakes driven through again. who said rewind was bad? love being simulated across the globe.
Glitter on the Wind. That’s all we are. There for a single, Shining, moment In a memory, And blown by, Lost and forgotten, By the busy Fast-flying winds Of the new,
You used to tuck me in every night for bed. You would tell me a bedtime story before planting a kiss onto my forehead. You would declare that I was your little angel and that you loved me. What happened to that?  
They didn't give me a stone (I didn't want one) They didn't mark my grave No name remembered But that's okay I wanted this To be forgotten Ashes scattered to the wind. No name left
I miss their cold houseI miss sittinn with them on their couch.I remember that one time we had to kill a mouse I miss their smiling faceseven though there were alcohol tracesthe talk of their adoption cases
So many people loved you now you're gone, You didnt say goodbye before you left home. You filled our hearts with so much joy, You didn't deserve this you were a wonderful boy. A brother, son, grandson, & friend,
You are familar; that I know In certain light and distant past I know your eyes haunted, disturbed There is no hope for your heart and soul You hunger for the memories you once had
  1994 By: Cynthia Kangeyo   Nineteen ninety four 1-9-9-4 Mil Novecientos noventa y cuatro It doesn’t matter which language I say it
All year long I don't even know when I 'm strong Why do I have to wait You're the right fate Shadows you can see through Sunlight clouds Darkness falls Fall leaves Spring flowers
If I knew the sun wouldn’t come up tomorrowI’d call you and tell you I miss you;I would admit to all the times I should have just laid there in your arms.
I try my best to be brave,but then it feels like I'm hiding in a dark hallow cave. I don't know what to do anymore,What's the right thing?I'm not sure,
I write with curiosity and remembrance My mind is always wandering and I tend to follow it It gives me ideas and dreams of what could happen I tend to find myself writing down the thought so I cannot lose it
Peace I thought I found on solid ground, yet in my heart I am not sound.  My name entails and tells a tale Of a sorrowful one, journey without fail.   Deidre - she spoke, upon my birth
I forgot  Those times I sat on my bed and cried, And sobbed my losses after all I tried And you sat by my side and held me tight You spoke comforting words to make things right.
We all want to fall in love. Why?Because that experience makes us feel completely alive,where every sense is heightened,and every emotion is magnified.Our everyday reality is shattered
I shuffle through canvases, looking for the right size. Through tall and short, rectangle or square, til one catches my eyes. I pull it out, place it on my easel, then turn to my paint.
Objectives thru journeys Which within them we, As culprits of our deeds, Die consecutively... Loops swaying around... Of life's need to fond... Caress scars and wounds... With which i so bound... Strides of loud strobes... Sights of glowing vibrat
Remember when you made me laugh I would always smile Remember when tears rolled down my face You giving me a shoulder to cry You didn't listen what people said about me or you So did I
Words.   The kind of words that evoke vivid emotions and wake memories on a shelf  long hidden under a thick fuzzy coat of dust. Obscured by bound volumes of the every day 
The grasses sway In the wind Bending with The weight of grain. Flowers poke Their heads above
Past the midnight hour, Much closer to three Sat a young girl Pressed up against a glaring screen. It was summer time you see, The internet was calling her name. In the web of truthful lies,
  Am I still here? Can you hear me? Must I still creep around your room? Memories folded up and neatly put away
I'm from sweet ribbon candy,  along with fizzy bottle caps like fireworks against my tongue.  I'm from Bon Jovi and Adam Ant; the greatest hits buzzing in my ear.    I'm from Rick Springfield,
I longed for somebody to love, to touch  staring blankly at you I realized you didn't want me that much. It's only a fight when it involves two; pushing and pulling, it was only me and not you.
The bright neon lights glistened and gleamed Dancing and twirling across the black night sky Before they were distorted by the blur As the car went whizzing by The warm summer night is teeming with magic
Stare into the seamless skies I recognize How close I came Gaze into where I belong I cannot help But feel the change.   (chorus) Why can't You hear My voice
 In the last day where the line is drawn in blood,  We choose our sides And fight for those we love   (chorus) If you'd only known that this is why we stand Then you'd free yourself And join the last of man
It is like we are sailing away and yet we are at bay still in the middle of tomorrow and yesterday not knowing why we try so hard to live in the moment
To a friend I never knew,Your eyes deep and full of wonder.Brilliant cascades of royal blue.A smile so bright it brings envy to the sky.The sun and the moon couldn't rival your cherry lips in bloom.
  half-way through the drumroll night glass crackling, down  a spinal cord wrapped around his hands his words   shoved down her throat, puncturing her veins still she remains - 
He approached, staring with eyes very bright,just kindly looking at me in that way,making my heart skip a beat with delight,listening closely to all that I say,caring more than I could have ever thought,
I am not a poet.  My poetry is not considered poetry.  My poems are a door for me and, me alone, They are a way for me to cope, to understand. Nobody knows my life better than my poems,
Love is a race. That we all trace. Take the risk to be in a better place. (:
Take the risk for a better trace.
Joy is brought when lost dreams are found The life of yesterday buried  six feet underground Today, rise higher and strike the bell Even disturbing memories cannot quell, Our satisfaction   
Funny how I oftentimes write to escape, write to get shit off my chest, but it is in looking through any of the poems I have ever written that I can then tell you exactly why I wrote that, how I felt,
Release Sweet God I think I've got it. Remorse Where's my mind I think I've lost it. Relief  All my dreams mix well with drinks. Regret  All my screams are making make me sink.  Repeat
Tan marble wall paper Oversize purple leather couch French-style upholstered chair   Fish tank Radio Painting of a blue barn   Toy closet Blue bathroom Purple carpet
A rose that fell off from the heavens above, It came towards me like a dove, Waiting to seek the truth behind those eyes,
  night in the family room dancing home to Alabama and Joseph heading to Tucson your best bet, the Queen of Hearts  
Every day I wonder what I should say.  When I see him, my hands start to tremble. His eyes hypnotize me and sweep me away. Everything I say comes out in a mumble.   I dream we will run away from this town,
In a pile of ashesWas a place I called home;It burned down yesterday. And as the wind blows,And the rain pours,The memories are swept away.
Dear Old Friend,/ I Remember your crazy face / Especially when you made jokes about my hair / Walking in the shadow of the moon we laugh / Waking everybody up / Remember those days of Happiness / When we watch those ladies walk / Late to school we
The sun casts its blinding rays onto the snow-covered ground to create a glittering reflection that has always reminded me of broken mirror shards.
"Oh what I would do to die today," is a simple saying; A tongue twister for some, and a mind-bender for others.            Obituaries say it kindly,            Pianos play it softly,
I remember his eyes, Blue as the sky. The way he held them tight,  when they would fight. How he protected me, as he pulled me from the door, when the gun shots went off.
I watched my motherfrom under water. Therewas a perfume risingoff the morning sea.She sang slow andbreathed it all in. She watched my heartslowly softening.
Preparation. I have practiced long and hard for this one moment. Anticipation is hardest. Sitting in a plastic chair. Many emotions pass through me. Nervous, hopeful, excitement, fear. I don't know which to choose. People wish me luck.
Perfect white - clouds rolling like hills under A sky pale blue like his eyes: sightless, remembering. Staring through a glass oval, indented deep
    Pap Who   Pap who needs Pepsi like a meth addict And sits on his couch all day Who is fried bologna and potato chips Who is a quiet mouse but yet a wise owl.
I'm holding on.I'm never letting go.Cause you're the one.Just to let you know.Don't forget me, hear?Thought you were here for me.I turned around and you're gone.Why disappear?
The ghost of the past swept through the air whistling like the wind Screams fallowed, women, men, children, Tears filled the eyes of the depressed. What is it that ails us so?   Night sky filled with clouds
  Stressed out, exhausted, and irritated, scurrying back to my old, trusty Subaru Forester, I abandon the library and heaps of unfinished work I deserted with it. Only a handful of vehicles left in the parking lot.
On a Saturday night around 12 am I find myself lost in a haze of vibrations and hands Pulling at my hips, while we dance At the end of our meeting With a name and a drink I was greeted
The memories she chokes onHave her sprawled out on the floor.A grimace gentle lips don.Wrenching sobs make dear souls sore.
My heart chasesBeating, tremblingA hope that shatters only to be remadeOnly to be shattered again My heart lovesSteadfast, enduringA memory rich as if one day pastSo fading now and lost to time
The time a capri sun lasted and hour and you hated taking shower. those days are now gone, no matter how much you hold on. you'd sprint as fast as you could just to catch that ice cream man.
She would make sure I did my homework before I do anything else. She would help me my math homework because she knows that’s my worst subject. She would call me just to check up if I’m finished.
Permanently etched into my mind, An arabesque portrait of once a perfect time. Like pen on paper, easily on over you glide.
(I'm sitting here listening to Boys II Men "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" and I can't do anything but reminisce about you. I remember those days like they were yesterday. I remember the first thing you said to me..."Aye Girl!
Will you read this?Will you understand?Can you hear me?Will you be around? I am lonelySo very afraidI am worriedThat I will never make it
The hospital is hardly a place for a child, But I'm beguiled. She's on her way. Or will she be a he? Either way, Soon we'll have a new smile for quite awhile. The nursery gives a glimpse of what to come,
truth, forgiveness, honesty you forgot that it goes with loyalty why did you screw me over this way your promises meant nothing to me I left you happily, without anything to say we were never meant to be
They have carried the mahogany chair and the cane rocker. They have hefted the massive oak china cabinet. They have gently moved the tall antique upright piano. They have carefully folded the clothes and put them in boxes.
the family sat around a table filling every chair every chair but one there was one empty chair he sat by the phone wanting to talk but the phone didn't ring it wouldn't ring
Like the rose who's petals have fallen to earth Like a single snowflake melting alone Like a whispering breeze with a lonely fall-leaf Like an empty laugh lacking of mirth
Sitting at the kitchen table, soft white hair in curlers. Going nowhere but desirous of looking your best anyway. Grandma, a woman of dignity no matter what. Always ready to answer with an exuberant
I am from gravel, From chrysanthemums an lilacs I am from the smell of gasoline and the taste of blood From the water faucet hiding behind the fence I am from the mossy, jagged rocks Engulfed by woods
Church a place, where you Draw close to the creator. Church a place where you go to get you too eternal. Church a place where you hear the sound of the beautiful drums. Those spares, That piano,
You came out of no where, when I needed a friend the most. Felt lost scared and lonely 'til you came close. you were my first friend, we would be together till the end. Until the day you didnt come back.
I would say I love the like the night loves the day, But we cannot correlate the feelings of all the times I created each one. My poems were a song of sorrow, They expressed my deepest anger with the world I used to know.
Music With me work I set a pic Literising all my senses Using my word set a scene This IG without the pictures Twitter without the mentions Cuz with me I'm different
Darling you ran towards the bullets Towards screaming babies who didn't know any better. Darling you bolted towards the masked man The mad man with bullets and homicidal rage Darling--
Tell me you care Tell Me you trust me Tell Me that you care tell me that you want to leave just tell me.
Sadness sham their one in the same Life and death you can’t experience one without the other How can you fail at succeeding if you know no success? You can’t clam to know pain if you have no pain
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder If love is in the heart of the lover If happiness tranquility is in the mind of the thinker
I I would write dirges For memories that escaped- They only return. II Cast away your doubts, Casting shadows on the wall; They only hinder.
Afterthoughts And I’d sit and think To myself- just an afterthought- These Maledictions became addictions For the weak at heart, with weary words They cave and dilapidate under their dispositions.
I write because you hurt me, because you decided you were done. I write because I miss you.
The life we travel is everlasting the noises that shatter the minds of power. Living in the minds of those who are confussed. The minds of the young that live life for only one moment.
To the one whom i loved and lost My decisions have paid the cost I wrote for her, I thought for her Every poem was love for her Expressed my feelings through paper and pencil All the moments that we went through
They say to drop the past; that it is not important. How can one forget someone like you? Forget the memories of our joined lives? How close we were when we played "Store" and "Newspaper."
I am no one I am lost I have no one People dont know what is happening to me people wouldnt understand.
One lonely ink drop, in the midst of chaos. The words are moving. They’re dancing like sunbeams chasing each other’s tails. They’re jumping and laughing they’ve got secrets to tell.
The reason I speak is to let my voice be heard, The reason I eat is to nourish my body, The reason I breathe is to breathe life into others The reason I walk is to bring light into many lives
Words are a web of tangled imperfections Different in their composition and order Each a heartbeat in a symphony of chaos Yet when they intersect they become one All differences aside, they collide.
Abuelo I don’t know how to say this I don’t even know where to begin How do you write a tribute to someone who you still think is there? Cuz you see, you’re not really gone in my mind yet
I finally reached out to a girl. And gave you love and the world Almost storyline I knew it was you When you knew it was me
I don't know who you are or where we'll meet but I do hope it's soon.I pray that when we meet and fall in love you will love me for me and not hope for someone who's thicker or prettier.I hope you won't compare me to other girls.I hope that you'll
I’d be leaning against a thick tree, staring off into the green with a film of sweat across my lip and the smell of dinner slipping across the field mixed with the settling of the freshly-mowed grass. 
The first thing you can hear, the faint sound of a heartbeat The joyous drum-like sound that connects us all A life is made, a heartbeat proves it But it also means so much more What does my heart beat for?
It's so hard to see past the fairytale kind of theme, fake smiles in between a relationship so mean the road leading me to yours, keeping a heart distanced standing still while being lighted on fire,
We gather. We wait. We silently anticipate. The sun dips down, The waves dance up. The crashing touch Of Mother Earth And the King of the Sea Produce a sight of beauty.
We met in the winter time When the snow flakes fall and litter the ground with sparkles When the stars seem to shine ten times brighter When noses were red and cheeks were tipped red
I do not lack independence, initiative, ambition. I do not rely on Hallmark moments and Nicholas Sparks movies to live out my teenage dreams in a fabricated reality.
The deaths of waves upon the shore Without a shout commence. But courses of their peaks and troughs Resound in timelessness.   As she breathes her final breath Her silent dream is cut
It only takes a moment One, simple, touch That rips us apart, Then brings us close, Offering our bodies to the flames It comes unexpected Colliding in a haze of heat A mutual desire
With Exasperated timid widraw I made my way down first and seaside So much blowing around my mind The weight of the world pushing me down Anxiety thrashing me against the earth with every step
Relive our angered days Forgive and erase the pain We live another day
The love that never dies The tears shed are dried You come the doors are pried To the heart I tried to hide You stole it in an instance Years of persistence Keeping my distance
Girls got me drowning through her eyes swimming unto her heart. Only pool able to tame the fire burning inside my heart. Argument through dispute then its back to rubbing and loving you some more.
I was told that love will make a way, I just never thought that love would come find me one day. It caught me off guard, I admit it took me by surprise but I could not help the way I felt when he looked into my eyes.
Come on, my sweet love just last year Turn around, we were never here. I took your love and wrecked it all Cut the ties and let you fall. So in this moment I can see All that you have been through for me.
Whisper, whisper in my ear. Tell me a story no one wants to hear. Invite my soul into yours. Let me walk with you upon the shores. And when I have drank the thought from your mind,
Day after day the sun never fails. The clouds might be able to cover it, but they continue to be fluffy. There might be a thousand drops, but only one storm. It might be a rose, but also a thousand petals. There
As I gaze upon the faces, Of the children of this nation, I see a myriad of things Various different emotions, Dreaming and wishing and hoping, And I know that they can achieve,
I'm falling with no chance of escape. This is what I've dreamed of my whole life. This is my worst nightmare.
Night after night, he returns in my dreams. His nimble fingers glide over the keys. His elegant hands move around freely. An angel of music sits before me.
Money makes, you smile but love makes you happy, money buys you food, love makes you a daddy, a job gives you money, love gives you a wife, working can be temporary, while love lasts the rest of your life.
There's this sorrow in my heart after we split apart. The tears seep though my eyes from this muffled cry. I heard it hurt to think it though, not just me but you too. The next day. Did it go away?
I feel the beat Rushing through my veins Shaking my bones. It pulses Living and strong. I feel myself open up A weight lifted off my chest Like a beautifully decorated circus elephant
(poems go here) I am from sidewalks From mud and grass stains I am from bruises and scrapes I am from the orange Play-Doh Whose salty taste comes to mind Every time I think of it.
There's a land that dwells so far away That no on man will ever be able to return With the feeling that he had when he could play.
At times when things are hopeless; Ones you love are far away; Remember the cheer and laughter From a long-gone day.
What is your favorite season? The weather of fall is beautiful, Glorious and bright but Chilling and crisp. The colors of fall are brilliant, Red and orange and Brown and purple.
I am from beloved dolls, from bubble wands and crabapple trees. I am from bright colors and playful spirits,Bookshelves and stacked boxes. I am from dandelions and low-branched trees.
The wind shook the house on that cold, cold night You were yelling at me, I didn't want to fight. You stumbled down the stairs, You stumbled into my room, You grabbed me by the hair, and you blamed me.
In a wooden picture frame that sits on my dresser is an old photograph of a young man. He has his arm around a pretty girl and it’s all in black and white. Even though there is no color,
The journey comes, but does it stay along the narrow road we've paved? Among the parcels we've destroyed of memories we've once enjoyed? Too soon to tell, too late to change, come join me on this escapade.
Four years ago. Walking through the halls, Everything around new. So many people, Many older and wiser than you. Just a fish, Thrown into a massive sea. Fifteen - there was still time for you.
Why can't I forget? Forget your name The way you held me so tight But I slipped through your fingertips Was it bad luck? Or bad chemistry? You let me slip When I was holding air tight onto you
A golden picture in a silver frame, Colors blend and become the same. Memories mean more in the moment, Then later in time.
With me I have flowers I hope everything will go okay Tears stream down my cheeks For he that passed away I sit there at the cemetery And slowly begin to pray I'm only alive because of he
The moral of the story is, the only way to learn to game is, to take a turn. I don't want to bore you with the names of all the rules, but you will learn. I just won't allow myself to pay for all the fools, sitting on the shelf.
Blending together, they are. Like reflections on water. Memories, like a cookie jar. These thoughts they slaughter.
The granite green countertop, the surface holding the anticipated delight. Mouth watering scent, that tempted one to take a bite. The forbidden treat that could not be eaten before dinner
A human on earth. It doesn't live forever. A human hurts. Feels pain in ever which way. As i sit here. I drown in memories. Pressing me. Crushing me. Killing me.
A human on earth. It doesn't live forever. A human hurts. Feels pain in ever which way. A i sit here. I drown in memories. Pressing me. Crushing me. Killing me.
Broken like the keys of an old piano, Fake like all the lies that you've told her, Tattered like the curtains of an old abandoned house, Abused like a stray dog... Broken like a rusty 1969 Chevelle,
This world is filled with many things, Such as joy, sorrow, and emptiness. And all these feelings make us feel alive, But sometimes they make us want to die.
Late fall. So late that the scent of fall had to be searched for in the wintry air. But it was there and she breathed it in as she strolled through the park. Leaves covered the grass,
One drink to wash away the pain, Just one more, One sip to cleanse the sorrow, Just one more, One drink to ease the suffering, Just one more, That will come tomorrow.
She ran from the bus after school to meet you, to have you pick her up and spin around. Her giggles infected you and you finally set her down.
The trees, hid her from everyone around The water, flowed beneath her tiny feet For nothing more beautiful could astound Like the pleasant river beyond the street,
A quiet world of constant sound, Thoughts drift on for miles. A single place where she can be found, And mysteriously, she smiles
My memories have disappeared, where ever did they go. I know I had to start from somewhere, like everyone that I know When I lost my memories everything seemed so very dark. I know I had a name once whatever that was.
We were convinced our paths were written in the stars And promised we'd never be apart To only realize none was as different as ours So we parted ways with all too broken hearts
I remember those days, they were so great. I remember the early years, we were oh so close. Riding on the teeter-totter. Riding the spider. Climbing the trees, playing on the playground.
Dark galore The minute my hands shut the door Blank music sheets spread on the floor Spiderwebs on the stairs
All of the pain comes flooding back As my memories attack Angry tears fall from my eyes As I hear your distant cries
They took it You spent years Pouring your heart Soul and sweat Into the wood and nails The blisters and measured Imperfections Until one day Your beautiful masterpiece Was complete
I awake each morning, With empty space at my side. Yet I can feel your presence still. Your sweet scent lingers on.   As I inhale, I think of you, again. I still remember our warm embrace,
Days passed by Memories marked And belived that It's not a lie For today I loved The day after tommorrow An expreession of great Makes my world harrow
The memories of you haunt this place, Everywhere I turn I envision your face, Smiling and laughing at my expense, these memories of you make me tense, That day I lived was the day you died,
Dedicated to my father I live on this Old Farm, a Farm that seems to have lost      all of its Value.... No cows graze Here, there's no clucking or feathers, or the fresh smell of manure.
Isn't it peculiar how scents carry the memories of our pasts? Vanilla reminds me of the hot humid nights that I spent with the biggest family I had known.  
Memories lie at the bot- tom of a deep, clear pool.
Memories cross my mind as they try to escape, I try to control which ones stay or go this method never seems to work but I keep trying anyways. I try to file my memories Into discrete sections
BOOM It broke like a bomb, explosions sound and the only thing I can hear is a heartbeat. Is that mine? Am I still: Beating? Breathing? Being?
You’re always there to calm my nerves, Change my mood or help me clean. Lifting spirits while refreshing memories Bringing back what’s fond to me
Fallen angel gone too soon. Lost in this world but found in Christ. Our little fallen angel may you be whole and not weep for our weeping. Walk the streets of gold with our love and his in your heart.
Twilight falls across my heart as darkness creeps like spiders crawl and love is lost to waters fall but when the day was bright and new sun was light and love was true.
Neon lights at dusk. Spinning silhouettes in the dirt, a cigarette butt on rusted paint. The tribal fringe and fireworks. The smells of hay and grease.
Candles on a shore of black, lights flicker on stone white faces Not seas of corpses are they, but a sea of mourners The ones left behind, left to cry on wet sandy shores This is where silent tears are heard
Walking down the street, the scent Hit me, crawling its way up my nose, Triggering the memories of her, and The smell of the warm cake, followed By the longing beep from the oven.
You say that we can work things out But yet we never speak There lays this hurt and doubt That the love that was there is now weak I still try my hardest to do whats right
Flashback to the year 1995, the year I was brought into this world. I grew up believing in love.
A garden of white, bouquets of black and purple. Black and purple flowers that resemble her bruised memories. A garden created of pathways, interconnected, confused, and dizzy. A garden of mazes,
2013 My graduation year the end has never seemed so near leaving friends and my home in the past but i promise i wont forget the tough times staying up late to finish homeowrk
No words no thoughts Just memories floating Out of mind into reality Where I tried to keep Them hidden away So I wouldn’t have to Have unwanted visits From them, in hallways
My mind wanders to unforsaken memories of the past, and I begin to wonder why things turned out the way that they did.
Have you ever had something just catch you? Right when you were off guard. That little, spontaneous, thing. That makes everything that made you so weak So fragile So lost
Pictures are memories Not to erase Pictures are memories Not disgrace Look them often Whether good or bad Because pictures of memories Might be all you have
Pictures are memories Not to erase Pictures are memories Not disgrace Look them often Whether good or bad Because pictures of memories Might be all you have
A feather floats by, Soft and warm. You feel warm arms, Around you once more. The soft caresses of the past.
i remember a silly bear a handsome fox and Marion fair oodelolly oodle oh, golly, what a day
Beauty in Darkness Can you find beauty When its cold When its down Can you find beauty When your alone When its dark and scary When all your friends and family leave you to fend for yourself
A trip forward to the future- a blast back to the past! We loath to sit and wonder- how time will go so fast.
Always on my mind Your presence never binds As of lately I can't let go Of these feelings, so low Zap away those neurons That make your face appear Very, extremely, and closely near
It was an old airship Old and abandoned But there was a story behind it, if you looked hard enough that it. It's railings marred by swords and gunfire It's propellers rusted by rain It's sail full of holes
Do you not see your hurting her from the inside out That soon tears that wish to rain become a sullen drought Misery from the mornings start Till night when the sun departs No wounds visible for the eye to see
Sleeping deeply, always lightly Never sweetly but always nightly. Nightmares haunt me taunting softly Leaking deeply into my reality. Was it a dream or was it real? These wicked thoughts are out to drown me,
Some Mornings I wake up Drowning in sensations Unique to past moments And I am buried in a stuffy area At the top of my mind Musty with nostalgia And I relive these moments:
Looking up at life, Watching time fly by: Eyes fixed on the future. A simple moment stops you, Surrounds you like a home: Eyes fixed on the now. Feelings. Senses. Sight. Smell. Contour.
I've more or less been forgotten, Even when they promised that would never happen. Those days spent under the tropical sun, Never to be relived again.
Back when I was a ballerina I turned and twirled With leotards and pink tutus. I sautéed. I plied. I turned and went the wrong way on stage And provided plenty of laughs for my family.
There was one day, When the world was hid away, That time in place did stay. The sun was high, Up in the sky, And summer didn't fly by.
I am from pool parties and barbecues Summer nights skipping rocks at the river. I am from fireworks and sparklers, Scrapes knees and bug bites. I am from sunshine and smiles, Ice cream and water fights.
As I walk through the door, nothing but childhood memories hit the floor, calling me back to where I once stood, happy and understood.
The days are coming to a close, The end is finally near, The memories are overflowing With the loves I once held dear; Goodbye crawls slowly closer And I take a moment to look back;
Why do I allow you to have my falling tears? Why should you have the power to break my heart? Every time I read something, See something, Hear something, Or sing something I remember you.
Music thearapy for my body and soul More room for the new, sayonara to the old Same me, but wiser and bold often portrayed as heartless and cold my emotions are opposite of Django, chained and controlled
sometimes in those thousand single moments beauty collides with fate in delicate injustice- painful regulation and the absurdly terrifying sound of stillness: eyes, once opened,
They walk among us unknown, Despite the courage they have shown, And we let this pass. They fought tooth and nail, To protect the flag we hail And we let this pass.
After all of these years, I thought I knew how to understand how you work. How we work. But, nevertheless, I am always blown away. In awe? Wonder? Disgust? No.
The best fairy tales all start the same, with once upon a time.  They ebb and flow. They twist and turn and sometimes even rhyme.  But maybe what makes them so special is not the stories themselves, 
We all have door with a lock but no key We all have our secrets, our past, our deeds We've seen the ups and we've seen the downs We've seen our loved ones placed in the ground We've been scared and scarred
This is the place where love never dies! Where silence is sweet and clear are the skies! The air smells fresh and the earth is old This kind of bliss can never be sold. These are the lands where everyone smiles
Staring in the light of the fire Watching these roses turn to black I’m burning them to pieces So the memories won’t come back
Lovely, curly head This is you, in me form, Giving you a message simpler than a worm, Remember how you used to hate those? Lovely, curly head Don’t ever give up Don’t ever lose hope
Why? Why are you so reserved? So many people have betrayed you, So you said not to be trustworthy. So many people have lied to you, So you said not to be honest. So many people have hurt you,
Over such a vast expanse of suburban sprawl a warm aura of sunset orange radiates from each roof, Houses, just actors in the scene of their surroundings, A distant city as the backdrop.
Dimly lit and falsely advertised The Cafe stands on the foundation of what existed yesterday, The faded glory that used to flow freely is now dormant, Hindered and shrouded by years of aging.
Interrupted Solace in a Winter's Evening Every once and awhile I like to be alone I burrow in the confines of my memory And dart from conversations like a fish from glass
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