this is (not) about love: part 2


i’ll tear your touch

right off my skin,

wipe your kiss

off of my lips,

blink away all sights of you,

rip every little

shred of you

out of my head,

out of my mind.

and i hope one day

that you will find

my scent has faded

from your sheets

and that my heart

no longer beats

for you, my dear,

my brown-eyed boy.

if only i could

just destroy

every trace

and recollection

and every moment

of affection.

if only i could

hate you, love;

if only i could

be free of

your grasp,

your clutch.

i want to forget you

so goddamn much.


but i wont, i can’t-

i don’t know why i try.

who the hell am i kidding?

i could never say goodbye.


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