Living in Fear

Born to a home I don't belong,

Where nothing is right and everything's wrong.

An alcoholic mistake is what I am;

One Summer Hummer too many,

I was not part of the plan.


Now think back on a younger day,

Back when your biggest worry was what game to play,

Not coming home to see if Daddy won the fight.

I remember him pushing Mommy to the ground with all his might.

Daddy had a temper like no other.

I just don't understand why he had to take it out on me and my mother.


On June 26th he really scared me.

That fight led me to shake and cry violently.

The last thing I said was I'm never coming back,

Then after that everything went black.


To this day I still live in fear

Of any man that to hiim may be a mirror.

No man should every abuse,

For I know how easy it is to bruise

A heart, an eye, a face.

There's not a way, these memories to erase.


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