Thu, 05/17/2018 - 15:27 -- Zanderr

Is there somebody that could save me?

From myself.

From everyone else.

From those that seek to tear me apart.

From my heart that craves to be loved so bad.

From every good thing I thought I had.

From all my struggles since long ago.

From the insecurities that I've come to know.

From those times I don't know what is wrong.

From the people who push me to be strong.

Can somebody save me?

Or are you just  gonna watch me die- and not say nothing?

I'm feeling so alone inside-tell me something?

I thought all of you were real-but you just fronting.

And now I'm feeling all depressed- no extra loving.

Will somebody save me?

I guess everyone is gonna through something else-

Save yourself.

I guess at the end no one loved or cared-

Or even dared.

I guess should can see that I'm drowning now-

I'm screaming loud.

No lifeline around -

So I was never found.


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