Gray's Evanescence

When the middle of the night comes,

bleak and lonely, my eyes open to find

the many shades of gray,

constantly echoing off of each other.


Thoughts racing back to that moment,

when you left me in the rain,

when the dark clouds were crying wth me.


Another memory flashes, this time,

it's not black nor white, but bleak.

Raised voices, going back and forth,

just until the silence takes over and

like a hurricane, the memory is swept away.


The space around me, drab.

My mind, clouded over by a smoke screen.

So I stare. The reflection coming from across the room.

She's lost, small, a nobody in a world where everyone is somebody.

Her screams heard as silence, she fades out as the distance grows,

even if you are next to her, who says that you'll see her?


Rain pattering against the window, it fights the constant silenc

fights her deary thoughts.


an attempt to get up, she lands on the ground.

Always falling, always lost, always so faded.

So gray.


Grabbing onto a wall, she stands, swiveling and shaking.

Vulnerabl and alone, she meets the mirror again.

Her reflection whispering into her ear,

"Look at you, so frail, so imperfect. Unloved,

You finally got what you deserved. They don't care.

Just numb yourself, then maybe the fall won't hurt so much next time..."


Then she disappeas jnto the darknss.

The confusion apparent in the reflections eyes yet,

tears fall, one by one, onto the carpet.


Slow, I finally fall, she was wrong.

It hurts. My heart is pounding

against the rib cage that presses against thin skin.


My head pounding and my bones stiff and aching.

Memories com back again, all those words,

neither of them meant, neither of them realized that

I clung to every single one.


It all bcoms discolord and evanesces,

but this time, I'm dragged along with it,

I can finally return to the gray.

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