Princess Charming

Eyes set aglow, the VHS tape played

displaying the scenes of magic,

princesses, and excitement.


I wanted to be like them.

Those women cloaked in jewels

surrounded by their wildest wishes


Adorning the cheaply made outfit,

I paraded as the figure I looked up to,

wishing to display the same charm.


Days passed on and on and on

soon I was old enough to know

that I couldn’t be just like them.


I wasn’t the blonde beauty presented

as a trophy for the prince to receive

after slaying a mythical beast.


I was meant to be the prince

fighting demons on my own

and smiling at the princesses


Assuring them that it was all okay,

that nothing could be wrong.

That I was here without anything taxing.


I stand at each castle door

waiting, waiting for those in need of help

and when they do need me

I will be there, as their princess charming.

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