Carpe Noctem

Like the sunsets fading, lost in the vast horizon, as we chase after the unknown. Those sleepless nights we spent, counting the stars sneaking away from reality. Who would have ever thought that time would soar, as we realized how most was spent, chasing after the rays of the dying sun, as they slipped through our fingers like running water. But, stubborn like the wind that blows against the crashing waves, we chased after the light like moths to a flame, running endlessly in what seemed to be an eternal chase of the untouchable. Of the one thing we couldn't reach. Hope. The assurance that it is really there, that we arent just fooling our own naive minds. Craving for assurance of what could be a sacrosanct, even if just a shift in the shadows, or the gentle caress of the wind. A feather of a touch, to the dark recesses of our minds, cleaning out the dust and cobwebs that have resided there for centuries, allowing opportunity for new light to fill these crevices. The one thing needed to live so we can return to counting the stars & dreaming, For it is all we have left. So do not forget, Seize the day, for the night is already ours. And so we wilt, as the frayed edges of our leaves turn brown, & life seeps out of us, allowing for death to take over, & all that we once had becomes nothing but regret. Regret for the lives you never lived, the chances you didn't take, the memories wasted, just remember, we will always have the night.


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