Once an Insomniac, Always an Insomniac

Those who don’t have Insomnia
Will never truly know what it’s like
It’s like never being tired
It’s like being tired but not being able to sleep
It’s a blessing and a curse
You sit awake all night
Not getting a wink
Of that blissful sleep
You stare at the shadows on the wall
You make pictures with them all
You stare at the light of the moon
You see how it casts eerie shadows across the room
It appears beautiful
The moon is your constant companion at this late hour but
Sleep seems like a dream that won’t come true
Too far out of reach that it makes you feel doomed
It’s now midnight
You are wide awake
Looking at your ceiling
Tossing and turning
Is there no hope of sleep?
Will the sandman not come and sprinkle dust on me?
Midnight turns to 1 A.M.
1 A.M. turns to 2 A.M.
2 A.M. turns to 3 A.M.
3 A.M. turns to 4
4 turns to 5
Then next thing you know it’s time for you to get up and start your day
But truly it’s like your day never ended yesterday
It’s a continuous time warp
Your days and nights blur together
Some people would call you a night owl
I say once a night owl always a night owl
You are awake at 1 am once again
Then you have a vision
Its 5 years down the road and the time warp continues
You now see it’s a never ending cycle
You are stuck in time
Unable to escape
Unable to dream
Unable to anything but lie awake
Sure you could go to the doctor and take prescription meds
But it will only mask the problem
Sure you get relief
But is it really worth all the grief
Grief that you believe medicine is the only cure
But there are other less mind altering methods
Meds alter your mind
But essential oils do not
They are mother earths all natural cure
Our ancestors used them even before medicine was like it is today
Use mother earths gifts
And it will help you too
Lavender is great for insomniacs
Try it before you deny it
Try it before you diss it and say no way
I have insomnia and I am proud of it
Insomnia doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you
It just means you have a greater challenge to overcome than others do
I say once a night owl always a night owl
Once and insomniac always an insomniac


Stormie Shadle

I apologize. This poem sounded better in my head. This one isn’t one of my best ones. Let me know if you think otherwise. I still wanted to share it. The image is one of my own.

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